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December, the last month of the year and surely one of the most festive! Our team has prepared you a top 10 special Christmas gift ideas!

Are you stressed about the traditional moment of gift giving? Are you running out of ideas for your loved ones this year? Don’t panic! Check out our Christmas gift ideas for a bully.

Because we can’t wait to go on an adventure, to travel… Why not offer a van road trip to your loved ones? A travel guide to their next destination? Or a filter straw ideal for drinking anywhere hiking? Always in our more responsible approach, we want to offer you useful gifts for a more reasoned consumption. Discover our eco-responsible gift ideas to spoil your surroundings!

1. Gift card for a road trip in a converted van

Why not offer a road trip in a converted van? Give a gift card to your loved ones to make them (re)discover the van life. Do you think that’s one of the impersonal Christmas gift ideas? Think again, a will be delighted! Give them a moment of escape and adventure after this special year. The advantage of the gift card: he can decide for himself when he wants to leave.

2. Filter straw for drinking anywhere hiking

Among our Christmas gift ideas, this one is perfect for a bully! It’s a real innovation for hiking and bivouac enthusiasts. Don’t take any more risks when drinking water! This filter straw now allows you to drink directly from the source. Thanks to its technology, it filters out harmful elements that can contaminate water.

3. Insulated Bottle: Adopt Zero Waste

It’s one of the must-have eco-responsible gift ideas for any true bully. Abandon plastic bottles and turn to a zero waste alternative. Offer an insulated bottle to keep the water cool (24 hours) or on the contrary the heat (12h). It will be perfect during the hikes and much more stylish than an old plastic bottle!

Discover our insulated bottle or those of the Qwetch brand.

4. Hiking Survival Kit

Think of the multifunction bracelet that can save you in many situations. Composed of 4.30 meters of rope, its accessories (firelight, safety pin …) are there to help you. It’s an ideal Christmas gift idea for the riders: practical and discreet, it will accompany them everywhere!

You also have survival kits hiking in compact boxes with the essentials. Including a rope, a compass, a wire saw or safety pins…

5. Rodolf the multifunction kitchen roller

Gold medallist at the Lepine competition, Rodolf will be very convenient during a road trip in a van! With its 15 functions, you have all the essentials in the kitchen. From a vegetable peeler, to a colander to a doser glass, it’s all there. Very compact, it will not take up space in the campervan. In addition to its practicality, we appreciate its French manufacture that emphasizes French know-how.

6. Washing bag: the perfect solution to wash your clothes wherever you want

This Scrubba manual washing bag will allow you to do your laundry anywhere. Usually when you go out of the way, you don’t take a lot of clothes. It can be convenient to wash them if you are going away for several weeks. This bag allows you to wash them efficiently in just a few minutes. In addition, once folded, it will not take up space!

7. Gift card for a tailor-made trip

In the same spirit as offering a road trip in a designed van,you can offer a tailor-made trip. Your loved ones don’t have time or do not know how to plan their next trip? Call in a travel planner! Stitch Travel will exchange with them on their desires to propose a tailor-made itinerary. Sensitive to the issue of slow tourism, they favour an experience with a moderate carbon impact. Stitch Travel offers a gift card to simplify the search for your loved ones.

8. Eco-responsible travel diary

We know that today, many people are digital enthusiasts. But we like to go back to the pen to write, especially for a travel diary! Offer a nice travel diary so they can plan, tell their road trip. You can find many models in paper mills or on the internet. We found some nice ones made by designers or a travel book “rechargeable” . For these eco-responsible gift ideas, choose a version based on recycled paper.

9. Travel Guide

To prepare for your next adventure or give inspiration, what could be better than a travel guide? If you are trendy, you will be seduced by the book of The Roadtrippers, Vanlife in France . You will find itineraries and corners to discover in a road trip in a converted van. There are also Viatao guides, to travel in a different and sustainable way. Guides encourage you to think outside the box. They are there to give you a rewarding experience and with respect for nature.

10. World map to embroider

It’s a classic gift for all the bulldozers at heart you’ll tell us… But we revisit the classic world map to scratch with a version to embroider! More original than scratching, it is an opportunity to embroider the different routes of road-trips. You’ll be able to customize it the way you want and keep track of your adventures!

Of course, we still have other ideas but we had to choose our 10 favorites…

We hope this list of Christmas gift ideas will have helped you or at least inspired you! 🙂 In recent months, we have been in a more responsible consumer approach. Christmas is an opportunity to spoil your loved ones but also a time for overconsumption. Try to ask yourself if the gift you want to buy is useful and/or will please. If in doubt, ask for advice or a gift card to offer an experience. 😉

15 February 2021