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You want to get into a road-trip in van arranged with your dog or cat … But you don’t know if it’s a good idea to take him? Travelling with your pet is a unique experience for strengthen your ties, but it’s mostly about organization. Before you go into the big bath, it’s better to be well prepared. That’s why you’ve been prepared 10 tips for a safe road trip with your pet:

1. Be up to date administratively and in vaccines

Have a passport (if you go abroad), have registered and pussed your pet and especially have the vaccinations up to date to avoid any medical problems during the stay.

You should also learn about the country’s laws and see the different places where animals are banned.

2. Provide enough food

On a road trip you won’t necessarily find places to refuel, especially if you’re lost in the middle of nowhere… Try to take as many croquettes as possible, food with you (plus, it’s more economical!)

3. Prepare an emergency kit

Because you can never be too careful! We do not know what can happen, a small accident or illness, it is better to plan the minimum while waiting to be able to take him to the vet. It would be clever to provide a shampoo to be able to clean your hairball in case of mud pool …

4. Hygiene

Also consider bringing a litter box for the needs of your little animals whether it’s outside, in the van or while you’re driving. Even on a road trip, you have to think about bringing bags to pick up if your dog is doing his needs on the street.

5. Take your leash, harness and transport cage

Going on a road trip is freedom yes, but it is obligatory to hold your dog or cat in certain places (beware of signs), or during hikes to ensure its safety. In the car, having a transport cage or safety harness can be more convenient to prevent your pet from disturbing you while driving.

6. Take something to keep him busy

Don’t forget her favorite toy! The journeys can be long and to prevent your little beast from getting bored, you can plan toys that will occupy him for a little while like those where you can put croquettes or peanut butter in it… Or a chewing bone.

And why not his basket too or his favorite cushion/cover, so that he feels a minimum at home and that he is not too lost in his bearings …

7. Watch out for heat

Pay attention to your pet’s fragile pads in case of high heat. Avoid walking on soils that are too hot to prevent the risk of burns. Give them water regularly or make it available. Do not hesitate to refresh them as soon as possible (swimming, small jet of water with shower …).

8. Get your pet used to car journeys

If you’re going on holiday in a converted van, you’ll probably ride a lot. Unfortunately, if your pet is not used to spending so much time in the car or in a vehicle, long journeys can be difficult. It is best to familiarize it as soon as possible, starting with short trips.

9. Take long walks

Travelling in a converted van is the perfect opportunity for your dog to spend time in nature and meet new people. Letting him frolic everywhere during your hikes (watching him obviously) will only make him happier and more fulfilled. It will also be more tired and quieter while driving.

10. Adapt your itinerary to suit your dog/cat

Before you leave, find out about the different places you want to visit to make sure it’s suitable for your pet. It would be a shame to have to carry your dog during a whole hike because he is afraid of the void or he is too tired…

At Blacksheep Van, you can leave with your animals with almost all of our vans equipped (see with the starting agency) because they also have the right to go on an adventure!

With organization, Travelling with your dog and cat is not that difficult! Often considered a full member of the family, we know that it can hurt your heart to leave it on your vacation… See you very soon in our agencies for your departure in road trip with your little ball of hair!

PS: We rely on your citizenship for the respect and cleanliness of our campervans. When you return the van, it must be in the same condition as when you took it from our agency (watch out for the hairs of your little animals). Depending on the agency, you may be required to sign up for a household plan and in some cases you may be charged a cleaning fee if you do not return the van to a suitable condition.

10 December 2020