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25 things you have to pack to go on a Road-trip

25 things you have to pack to go on a Road-trip 1000 667 Blacksheep Van

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We have compiled a list of 25 things that must necessarily put in her bag to go on a road trip. Take these 25 items for your next trip and you will not be ready for the adventure!
Appetite. Prepare to eat a lot. You grignoterez all sorts of things while driving; the purchase of chemically laden snacks that you usually do not buy will become a habit, like stopping in each cool restaurants you will see. So be prepared. Bring an appetite. And jogging shoes (life is about balance, right?).
banana bag. Or a small backpack. What you think is more convenient (and less cheesy)
Camera. Take some photos to remember the trip and especially to remember this triumphant look on your face when you arrive, finally, at a gas station when you have to pee for 50km.
Deodorant. Showers can be hard to find on the road. Bring baby wipes, hand sanitizer, deodorant, body spray, scented oils, long stem roses, potpourri, and nothing else to cover the smell of the man-in-a-space -Reduces-who-comes-the-sport. Your car will probably feel “smart” blend of footballers cloakroom and a beauty salon, but it’s worth trying to blow.
Sports Shorts. We recommend the kind with breathable holes that you were forced to wear in 6th in the class of EPS – Physical Education. They might not be fashionable, but legs + boiling car seats heated by the sun = no time for fashion.
Kit-Aid. Safety First (no, the Charterhouse does not belong).
Glasses. Sunglasses, obviously. The objective being to protect against the harmful rays of the sun and feel 100 times more cool.
Hand sanitizer. Because you go to gas stations.
ID card. You have never been arrested because you erriez in the middle of nowhere, unshaven and unwashed for days? A driving license or CNI will prove that you are in fact a normal homosapien who pays taxes.
Newspaper. Write about your environment, thoughts, ideas and backgrounds bizarre jokes hat squirrel who gave birth to three hours of laughs. You’ll be glad to know why and how later. Moreover, with your experiences on paper, this helps you to move forward. This is medical in fact!
Keys of the campervan. It’ll be difficult to go very far without them.
Lucky charm. As this rabbit’s foot, you will be inclined to buy into this dingy gas station. A true talisman that will protect you from bad luck. For the ladies, whose handbags are real wild jungles, it will also facilitate research your keys in the middle of chewing gum packets, lip gloss, and all the other stuff you have in there.
Map. Navigate with a real map (no GPS!) Is a fun challenge that we encourage. In addition, you will feel like a real explorer, but no tights, no plumed hat and without ruffled collar.
Espelette peppers. You never know when you need to spice up some food at the gas station …
Phone. You must bring your smartphone to loop your favorite playlist and publish photos from your road trip on Instagram. Our phones do a lot for us these days, but try to suppress the time technology to time to invest fully in the experience. Facebook will still be there when you get home, and you can expect to see this dog’s video makes skate your Tom buddy to share on “s’book!”.
R2-D2. You might not be able to put it in the car, but it’s always a good idea to have a co-pilot with mechanical skills … or at least who knows how to change a tire.
Toilet paper. Yet this great gulp of water puddle seemed like a good idea on the spot …
Underwear. A general tip when preparing his luggage: make what you thought was humanly necessary … then add 5 other pairs.
Violin. Or guitar according to your preferences. To entertain other road trippers on the spots where you stop for the night … and possibly crack the girls.
Water. Stay hydrated on the road! Soda will worsen your thirst and beer is strongly discouraged.
Yes! (A positive attitude). Some things that will happen on the road will have you pushing buttons. This is inevitable. Stay much time locked in a vehicle with other people do not always brought out the brightest facets of our personality. When you start to get angry about how your friend pronounce the letter “A”, or that you have led so long as you swear to sell your car and move only on skates, remember that soon you’ll back home in your sofa, wishing to start again in Road trip …
Ziploc bags. Because they are very practical. To put your phone in damp shelters or put powdered sugar when the bag is torn.