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The Blacksheep team has put together a TOP of the 25 tricks/things you have to put in your bag to go on road trip. Take these 25 items with you for your next van trip and you’ll be on your way to Adventure! (Warning: the objects mentioned are not in the order of importance)

1. Food. Get ready to snack. The many hours spent on the road will make you want to eat at all hours and not necessarily healthy snacks (like an apple)… So stock up so you don’t rob the gas station where you can stop. And don’t forget to take a few provisions so you can prepare delicious dishes on board the van

2. Banana bag. Or a little backpack. What you think is the most convenient (and least cheesy) way to carry your food and water bottle during your hikes and excursions.

3. Camera. Take some pictures to remind you of the trip and especially to immortalize your ascent of Mont Blanc, from your sight to waking up… or just your head during your first shower with the freezing water of the van.

4. Deodorant. Showers can be hard to find on the road (but take a look at this article where you are given some tips). Bring baby wipes (we prefer the toilet glove because it’s eco-friendly), deodorant, scented candles or even flowers to help you cover the subtle smell of a person who hasn’t really showered for a few days (or even weeks?).

5. Sports shorts. We recommend the kind with breathable holes that you were forced to wear in 6th grade during the course of EPS (Physical and Sports Education). They might not be fashionable, but legs – sun-heated car seats – no time for fashion. And we’re not going to lie, it’s much more comfortable than jeans!

6. Emergency kit. Safety first (no, the Chartreuse is not one of them) because you never know what can happen.

7. Glasses. Sunglasses, of course. The goal is to protect yourself from the sun’s harmful rays and to feel about 100 times cooler.

8. Hand sanitizer, or better known as hydroalcoholic gel. Because it’s always convenient when you can’t wash your hands (and also because it’s part of the survival kit since the covid-19).

9. ID/passport card and driver’s license. Very useful in case of control of the ground especially if you are in the middle of nowhere with a questionable hygiene. But also to be able to retrieve the keys of your coach at the agency Blacksheep.

10. Journal. Write about your surroundings, thoughts, ideas, and the origins of bizarre jokes about a hat squirrel that gave birth to three hours of fun. You will be to know why and how later. In addition, by putting your experiences on paper, it helps you move forward.

11. Keys to the van. It’s going to be hard to go very far without them. Make sure you always have them in your pocket so you don’t get locked out. (yes yes it happens often!)

12. Headlamp. For your night walks, and especially to have time to run if you see a bear in the distance.

13. Road map. Navigating with a real map (not a GPS!) is a fun challenge we encourage. Plus, you’ll feel like a true explorer,rice, but without tights, feather hats and ruffled collars.

14. Card game. Always useful to pass the time and to animate the cozy evenings in the van!

15. Phone. You need to bring your smartphone to loop your favorite playlist and post photos of your road trip on Instagram/Facebook (don’t hesitate to tag us during your roadtrip). Our phones do a lot for us these days, but try to crack down on technology from time to time to fully invest in the experience. Facebook will always be there when you get home, and you can wait to see this video of the skateboarding dog that your buddy Tom shared!

16. Clothing. Yes, unless you are a fan of naturism… Choose clothes that don’t take up too much space but don’t forget to take warm and lighter clothes.

17. Toilet paper. It can always help…

18. Underwear. A general tip when preparing your luggage: bring what you thought was humanly necessary… then add 5 more pairs.

19. Guitar. Or harmonica, recorder depending on your affinities. To entertain the other road trippers on the spots where you will stop for the night and especially not to lose the hand …

20. Water. Stay hydrated on the road and on your hikes! Soda will only make your thirst worse and beer is strongly discouraged while driving. Don’t forget to take a bottle with you (better than water bottles) to be able to drink to your thirst.

21. Yes! (A positive attitude). Some things that will happen on the road will make you grow buttons. This is inevitable. Staying in a vehicle with other people for a lot of time doesn’t always bring out the brightest facets of our personality. When you start to get angry about how your friend pronounces the letter “A”, or you’ve driven so long that you swear to sell your car and move only by rollerblading, remember that soon you’ll be back home on your couch, wishing to go back on a road trip…

22. Ziploc bags. Because they are hyper convenient. To keep your phone out of moisture or to powder the sugar when the bag is torn.

23. Bank card. Or the species works too. To pay your child for an ice cream is better (or just because you want an ice cream).

24. Sleeping bag. Essential for a warm night, especially if it’s -15 degrees outside.

25. Sunscreen. Always put some, even if it can stick, and leave a white complexion … It’s better to suffer these little annoyances than to get skin cancer

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15 February 2021