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Protecting the environment is important to us at Blacksheep! Going on a road trip is a great experience but you have to make sure to respect the planet… It goes through a lot of small actions every day: make sure to pick up all your waste, respect the fauna and flora when parking on a spot, use a bottle rather than plastic bottles … But it’s also pay attention to the products you use to wash!

Products found in supermarkets or shops do not always have an impeccable composition. They may contain components that are harmful to our health but also to the environment… On a road trip, when you take a shower or wash your teeth, water can end up in nature. It is therefore better to use environmentally friendly products so as not to degrade the local flora! What could be better than making your own products? It’s easy to do, more economical and you’ll have the pride of using your own products

10 December 2020