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5 reasons why your road-trip will be your best holidays yet

5 reasons why your road-trip will be your best holidays yet 150 150 Blacksheep Van

5 reasons why your road-trip will be your best holidays yet

Here it is, you have completed your booking, your van will soon be ready and your itinerary is taking shape… And yet, you’re still not completely sure what to expect of this road-trip. We’re here to reassure you, so here are 5 reasons why this road-trip will be, for sure, the best holiday experience you will ever live!

Reason #1 – Flee the norm (and the tourists)

Let’s be honest, except if you are lucky enough to not live in a big city, you probably come across a lot of people every single day. Public transports, big (or small) companies, stores and supermarkets, you can sometimes get the feeling that this world is not nearly big enough to welcome all of us, and that calm and silence have become rare goods. What we (the Blacksheep team) surely do not want, is for your holidays to be the same as you daily life. That’s why we have a hard time understanding the people who crowd themselves around the pools of overbooked holiday resorts.

Going on a road-trip with your campervan, means choosing where you want to go, and especially where most people don’t go. It means breaking the norm and choosing the unexpected aspect of the road.

Reason #2 – Disconnecting. For real. Not just for a little bit.

Van life is best lived close to nature and the great outdoors: it means potentially not having cellphone reception, no internet, emails and social media, nothing to charge your laptop or your phone… You can truly disconnect, and that’s for the best, because that’s what holidays should be like : a break. Take this opportunity to wonder about what really counts, and enjoy silence. Like we said, that one has become pretty rare.

Reason #3 – Discovering

Even if it is well advised to leave with a vague idea of you itinerary, it doesn’t have to be set in stone, and the advantage of a campervan holiday is that you can change your plans whenever you want. Forget the highways, prefer the small paths and enjoy getting lost in the wild. A spectacular landscape, a secret spot, an unexpected encounter, a well-hidden delicious restaurant… You never know what you might find out! It is truly adventure and that is what will make your road-trip even more thrilling and unforgettable!

Reason #4 – Experience freedom, for real

An unexpected sight is a few miles away and you had not planned to go there but you really want to go check it out? The weather is not your friend that day and you need to give up on your hike or your surf session? No problem, you can always make a quick detour or move on your itinerary, because you never have to worry about where you’ll sleep tonight: under the stars! Having the possibility to live fully each day, without knowing what tomorrow holds, and being able to experience total freedom, all of that is not given to everyone, so enjoy it! Be careful though, you might get a little addicted to it.

Reason #5 – Learn more about yourself

Except if you already own a campervan, you probably have never experienced life on the road. And this “vanlife” is not everyone’s cup of tea, that’s for sure, and it’s fine! Choosing to hit the road for your holidays, and even if the campervans are fully equipped and comfortable, it also choosing quite a small space, not always knowing if you’ll get a shower that day, if you’ll be able to dry your wet clothes or find the right spot for the night (even if that might be hard if you’re using our Blacksheep Van app and its park4night section). It won’t always be easy, and you will certainly learn a lot about yourself. And maybe you won’t like it, but in any way it will allow you to know what you can (and cannot) put up with! And that doesn’t have a price 😉