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That’s it, you’ve made your reservation, your van is booked and your itinerary is drawn … But you’re not yet too sure what to expect. We’re here to reassure you, so here are 5 reasons why your road trip will be, for sure, the best holiday experience you can experience!
Reason #1 – Fleeing the Norm (and tourists)

Reason #1 – Fleeing the Norm (and tourists)

Let’s be honest, unless you’re lucky enough to live away from big cities, you certainly see a lot of people every day. Public transport, large (or small) businesses, shops and supermarkets, one can sometimes have the feeling that the world is not quite big enough to accommodate all this population, and that calm and silence have become an expensive commodity, and therefore to be cherished. We at Blacksheep refuse to let your holiday be an extension of your daily life. That’s why it’s hard to understand the people who settle by the thousands by the pools of overcrowded holiday clubs.

To go in a van is to be able to choose where you want to go, especially where few people go. So it’s breaking with the norm and choosing the unpredictability of the road.

Reason #2 – Disconnect. Oh, really. Not just halfway

Life in a van means a life closer to nature and the great outdoors: it also potentially means no network and therefore no internet or social networks, not always enough to recharge your laptop or phone … The disconnection is total, and that’s all the better, because that’s what the holidays should be: a break. Take the opportunity to ask yourself the question of what really matters, and rejuvenate yourself in silence. As we said just above, it became rare.

Reason #3 – Discovery, the real

Even if it is advisable to leave with a vague idea of route, this one does not need to be engraved in marble, and the advantage of the van is that you can change your plans when and as you please. Forget the highways, prefer the small cross roads and enjoy getting lost. A spectacular landscape, a secret spot, an unexpected encounter, a well-hidden restaurant… You never know what you’re going to come across! It’s adventure and it’s certainly what will make your road trip so thrilling and unforgettable!

Reason #4 – Experience freedom, really.

An unexpected point of view is indicated a few kilometers and you did not plan it but it makes you want? The weather is not there that day and you have to give up your hike or your surfing session? No problem, you can always make a detour or advance in your itinerary, because you know anyway where you will sleep at night: under the stars! Having the opportunity to live day to day, without knowing what tomorrow is in store and to experience such total freedom, is not given to everyone, so enjoy it! Be careful though, you may not be able to do without it.

Reason #5 – Learn more about yourself

Unless you already own a converted van, it’s unlikely you’ve ever experienced life on the road. And this “vanlife” does not suit everyone, we can design it! Choosing to take the road for your holiday, despite the comfort of the new van layouts, is also choosing a limited space, it is not always knowing if you will take a shower that day, whether you can extend your wet clothes or find the perfect camp for the night (even if with our application and park4night is unlikely). It won’t always be easy, and you’ll certainly learn a lot about yourself. Maybe you won’t like the experience, but in any case it will let you know what you are able to tolerate, or not! And that’s priceless

10 December 2020