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The Black Team is made up of innovative professional sportsmen, bullies at heart and lovers of nature and the great outdoors. We are very proud that Johanne Defay is part of the Blacksheep Family.
Johanne started surfing at the age of 8, and competing at 10. From there, she quickly climbed the ladder to reach the World Championship Tour, which brings together the 17 best surfers in the world. This extraordinary experience allowed him to travel the world and especially to discover new cultures through the people he met along his way.
Athlete involved in the preservation of the ocean, his playground, accompanying Johanne through his career quickly became a no-brainer for Blacksheep. The van allows him to be as close as possible to the nature that inspires him. She answered our 5 questions about van life!

What does van life mean to you?

For me, it’s a return to simplicity, moving away from the world of consumption and getting closer to nature. It’s learning to be content with the essentials.

Your little pleasure in a van

Waking up in different places with good coffee

Le réveil dans des endroits différents avec un bon café

10 December 2020