Starting in Van for a little road trip with the family. Here is one of the dreams I’ve realized lately and I’ll be able scratched off my list of life!

One day I had clicked. And I thought “Sylvia, time passes, he’ll have to start making things that are important to your heart! “And what better way to do it with her own small family? Well I do not take him any time soon go skydiving with me, certainly. But the van was an adventure that I wanted to live and it’s done!

Feeling free. That’s all I wanted. Want to pass this taste of the unknown to my son. Not predict anything.

Obviously, we are not leaving after the world since we only had 2 days and 3 nights before us, but the trip was still very exotic and it was a great experience that I highly recommend!

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Well it’s very simple, you book your little Volkswagen van fully equipped, worthy descendant of the famous combo of the same brand and go my kiki !!!

We took the road with Van Blacksheep. But what is it you say?

Blacksheep van is a young landscaped Vans rental company dreamed up by two friends, lovers of travel and road trip.

This is also what made me look for them, you talk to experts! They know exactly what you will need during your stay and are hyper tuned.

Once the concept of road trip back from Australia in their suitcases, not less than 5 agencies which have emerged in recent years. Both say that you can trust them with closed eyes!

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We opted for the California Campervan designed for 4 people. A real gem! I never thought to say it, but in 2 days, we did not absolutely top markets.

It is so well organized and so convenient that my fear of being on top of each other faded from the first night. It’s really a small rolling hotel room! Well, obviously, if you scour the 5 stars in normal times, not sure that you find the same standard. But if you are camping enthusiasts and the minimum comfort enough for you, go for it!

And when I say minimum I am a bit harsh. Refrigerator, two plates cooking gas, closets, an outdoor shower, table and chairs for outdoor and indoor camping, not to mention sleeps 4 and auxiliary heater for chilly nights.

Frankly impossible to be disappointed! The adventure the price of simplicity anyway. And you will enjoy every little further more offers this kind of house that rolls.


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We decided at the last minute and above depending on the weather we reach the Ardèche. I think it was the wettest weekend of spring all over France! We were fortunate to have a mixed weather rather than heavy showers. It would still be less fun if we spent the weekend locked in the van haha!

I spotted a gazebo as a base for the first night of Friday evening. We took the road and arrived at the top of a mountain, in complete darkness …

And then I tell myself that good, I could predict the thing a little more. Especially with two kids in the back! Frankly, there I understood the need to anticipate one thing in van: the place to sleep.

It’s the only thing I believe in checker to avoid galleys night. There is an application (I found out a little later), recommended by the Blacksheep team called Park 4 night and that allows you to identify where you ask for the night. Awesome, right? No reason to berate you with your guy because you slightly sloppy orga … ahem!

For once, we found this place by chance a small recess where we could park the van for the night. Any size and maneuverability make sense when you maneuver on a mountain road to park at night! We say thank you Volkswagen! Besides, I want to tell you that this kind of vehicle is super easily leads!

In short, here we parked. It left for the Bedding installation. Time to take the hand and hop, in 10 minutes, everyone was in his sleeping bag. Cedric and Noah up in the alcove and Axel and myself down. And we had a great night, not even need to put the stationary heating.

All the magic happens when you wake up. What a joy to simply open the box and see the eyes widen loulous before this breathtaking landscape!

It was very funny to see people stopping by car to enjoy the view while we were taking our breakfast cushy haha! This is what I personally call luxury! Freedom to do what you want, when you want. I am a fan of Air bnb when we travel. I think that family is the ideal. Well consider the van as a bnb Air rolling. The foot is not it?

We took the road to the Ardèche Gorges. Small detour Vallon Pont d’Arc obliged! Oh my it’s already 11:30! The children will starve! No supermarket or restaurant nearby? haha well it’s okay, let’s go for a tomato-sauce pasta session in tears! Economical and practical at once.

So cool to cook earlier that wishes without worrying about anything at hand to get the chairs and picnic table!

village to village visits in the afternoon and late afternoon on the river at the edge of the vineyards we decide to spend the night.

One place we found completely by chance. It is on the guarantor that we heard the river and there, oh surprise Ardèche, a small stretch of river just for us! The dream!

Dinner and small dej at the waterfront and little undergrowth as a toilet! If pee or something in nature is inconceivable for you, it will anticipate your needs best, stopping in villages or campsites. This becomes also essential to provide several stops to enjoy health if you go more than the time for a weekend.

My kids love not washing (amazing, is not it?), So they do not see the problem, but I sense the problem! A cat toilet glove for these two days will be enough, but no more!

Sunday and its management Casteljau flat stones. recommended destination and approved by my always Pauline Blog Worldelse, a love of this beautiful area. And as I understand! The Ardèche can seduce you with its contrasting landscapes and light. Blow of assured heart!


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Finally, if you dream of escape, think of the Campervan and BlasksheepVan team. I take the paris you make people happy and make you feel alive and free just by asking your little ass in the house for that perfect travel guide! I’ll start with NO hesitation! Children talk to me again! Next time in Australia or California ???

I kiss you hard!




///// Thanks to Sylvie for pictures and text – more on her blog “Gang of mothers” /////