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Push the door of a world like no other and rise to the challenge!


"Helping people open up to extraordinary experiences, out of their comfort zone."

Why Blacksheep?

Because we need Adventure and the holidays are the best time to live a different experience, in connection with nature. Blacksheep offers a holiday like no other, free and original: a road trip in France and Europe. Created by two tourism professionals, passionate about mountain and snow sports, Blacksheep aims to be an original and comfortable alternative to traditional holidays while respecting an ethic with regard to the choice of suppliers, respect for its clientele and the preservation of our playground: Nature.

Our values:
  • Sharing:

    Sharing experiences, Adventures: Share for to make you want, but also to learn, as a way Team

  • Challenge:

    Challenging yourself: Challenging each other day, seek self-improvement and also work hard to get results

  • Respect:

    Respect for your playground: Respect for partners but also of Nature, Humility in the face of Elements.

  • Have fun!

    Pleasure in all respects: Working hard in a cool environment with products that have a strong signature of clan membership

  • Test and learn

    Testing and learning: A good quick and measured test better than 1000 studies. Analyze the result and then Optimize. Create a fast-paced and Virtuous.

I am not like everyone else.

When the desire to go into the unknown is stronger than turning to the routine. When the desire to discover a new spot, new people and live more simply is too strong, you are ready for adventure. Do not do like everyone else, make your holidays an experience. Make your life an adventure.


The market

The multitude of places to visit in France and more widely in Europe are all reasons to go to the Adventure in Van Landscaped.

This holiday practice is already well developed abroad, especially in Australia, New Zealand, Iceland and some Anglo-Saxon countries. What for? Because the territories are vast and to visit a large geographical area, there is nothing better than a travelling holiday: no need to pre-book hotels in a foreign language, possibility to change your plans at the last minute, depending on the weather or simply your desires!

In Europe, tourist accommodation is expensive and does not make it easier for those who wish to take a travelling holiday. The vans are proving to be a simple, economical and fun alternative!

The proof by example: The pilot agency of Blacksheep opened in Lyon in May 2011 displays full in a few weeks, forcing us to see much bigger in the second year, tripling the number of vehicles. The critical size with 20 vehicles was reached in 2013, prompting Blacksheep to open a second branch in Bordeaux in May 2014.

Always listening, we evolve with the market to best meet the expectations of Vanlife's customary or casual consumers.

Today, Blacksheep is establishing itself on the market as the benchmark for renting vans designed for adventure.

Network development

Our vision of the Blacksheep network offers a strong positioning that responds to a need to identify customers. Joining a network like Blacksheep's means being committed to its values and evolving as a team in a "cool" environment because the customers you meet are on vacation!

We offer an innovative concept and a development strategy with high potential and sustainability.

Blacksheep's priority is to target entrepreneurial partners, looking for a main or complementary activity and wishing to work as a team and share because bringing the network to life is to keep the spirit of Blacksheep alive!

The network is organized geographically in order to cover the most important population pools in terms of potential, without cannibalizing itself (exclusivity on its area). The ambition to develop the network is international, while taking the time to master its field in order to have a solid foundation.

Expertise can't be bought, it's learned!

Our actions

By developing its skills on the Lyon pilot antenna since 2011, Blacksheep has surrounded itself with a team and professionals in order to sustain the development of the brand (vehicle developers, media specialists, communication agency, graphic designer, insurer, lawyers, accountant, automotive specialists...).

Map of com and website

The website, a veritable online showcase, also wants to be efficient and constantly evolving in order to constantly stick to the expectations of Internet users. Translated into several languages, it is visited by the whole world and has up to 60,000 visitors per month.

To ensure its development, Blacksheep now relies on a comprehensive and aggressive Communication Plan (purchase of press and radio advertising spaces, public relations, purchase of keywords on the internet, product placement, social networks, representation on targeted shows and events, sponsorship...).

We are working to seasonally adjust the business, notably by broadening the target and turning to a new professional clientele, in search of mobility. This is how we created the "Mobile Office" for nomadic professionals in 2018.

Our team of athletes

Over the seasons, we have created strong links with international sportsmen and influencers, passionate and consumer of "vanlife" that wears the colors of Blacksheep. A true source of inspiration and project builders, they are the DNA of the Brand.

  • 2015: Sponsoring François d'Haene: Ultra-Trail World Champion
  • 2018: Sponsoring Johanne Defay: Vice World Surfing Champion
  • 2019: Sponsoring JB Chandelier: Paragliding Athlete Specializing in Viral Video
  • 2019: Sponsoring by Chris Ballois: World speed record holder in kite
  • 2020: Sponsoring by Victor Delerue: Freeride Snowboard World Champion

In addition, we regularly accompany all projects of self-improvement that echo our values, carried by athletes or enthusiasts who have the same goal as us.

The partnership agreement

You WITH us because teamwork is more efficient. Because starting with support is more reassuring. Because doing business with a network of partners is faster, more economical and more efficient.

Blacksheep is present alongside its members throughout the stages of creation by providing you with advice and a network of professionals allowing you to benefit from services such as drafting statutes, vehicle layout, vehicle insurance, the purchase of new vehicles... at the best price.

Blacksheep is also present in support during the operation by providing you with access to its reservation center, its website, the use of its brand, its customer management tools, its contractual documents, its marketing plan, its communication tools. The goal is to guide you in the day-to-day operation (because the mistakes of beginner we have already made them!) and work together the commercial development of your agency to grow Blacksheep together.

In this business model, we provide you with the tools, training and support you to operate and develop your own fleet of vehicles. You stay free and flexible: you are the entrepreneur!

A main activity or simple desire to add a string to its bow, your project will certainly have resonance within the network.

5 good reasons to become Blackshepherd

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