Top 12 places in Spain and Portugal you should not miss during your road-trip. - Blacksheep Van

Top 12 places in Spain and Portugal you should not miss during your road-trip.

Top 12 places in Spain and Portugal you should not miss during your road-trip. 4104 2736 Blacksheep Van

Explore Spain and Portugal in a campervan for your holidays!

Spain – Portugal Edition 

Top 12 places in Spain and Portugal you should not miss during your road-trip.

You are already thinking about your next road-trip? Or at least, you don’t know yet what territory to explore for your future time away? How about a road-trip in Spain and Portugal to relax and discover the wonders hiding in these two countries. In September and October, the sun is still shining a lot over there, so take this opportunity to explore the beaches and enjoy the warmth. Find out more about our selection of not-to-be-missed places for your next road-trip adventure in campervan!

And..  viva España !

Explore the natural landscapes

Drive your van to conquer the spectacular Spanish landscapes. The California VW is perfect to fall asleep in front of the landscape.

Road-trip au Portugal vue sur la mer

Hike on Mont Rebeï

Fancy a little hike in nature? Drive your California VW and discover the very narrow Gorge of Mont-Rebeï, located between Catalonia and Aragon. Allow 4 hours for the round trip by foot. The trail is very sunny during the day, so remember to bring water with you!

road-trip en espagne avec blacksheep van

The rocks of Torcal de Antequera

If you go through Malaga or Andalusia, and want to witness spectacular scenery, feel free to stop on this site that offers stunning rock formations. The area is still quite wild but still easy  to access. You can get there with your campervan!

Le littoral des Rìas Baixas

If you pass near the Northwest coast of Spain, you must follow the coastline! The many valleys in the background surrounded by the sea offers beautiful landscapes, that you’ll get to see from  your van.

Dizzying trails of the Carminito del Rey

This one is for you, thrill seekers that aren’t afraid of the void. Take your campervan and head to what was formerly called “the most dangerous path world”: a path, which a part of is suspended in the empty space over the gorge. Thankfully, it was recently renovated to secure the trail and the hikers passing on it. You will be surprised by the height and the view from this hiking trail.


Still in Andalusia, discover Ronda. It is a beautiful landscape offered by two cities sitting on the edges of two huge cliffs, separated by a river ayetnd connected by bridges. Both cities have amazing  views of the gorge between the cliffs.

road-trip en Espagne a ronda

A dew detours in Spanish cities

Let’s get back to civilization…!

Start with the city of Salamanca, classified UNESCO world heritage, also chosen by David Lean as the set for his movie Doctor Zhivago. It’s recommended to go explore its University and its impressive library, its Cathedral and the shell house named « La casa de las conchas ». Go through the large square of Salamanca, which is one of the most animated places of the city. When the night will fall, you will enjoy a vibrant nightlife with various bars.

Also take a detour via Grenade and do not miss the visit of the Alhambra palace.

Its foundation was used to create the city in the 9th century. Visit also its old narrow streets that surround it. This city has so many monuments and places to visit, so be sure to make a stop there!Seville is a very charming city that will seduce you with its rich architectural heritage. Park your campervan and visit the city’s many treasures. You will enjoy tapas, sangria and will admire one of the many flamenco shows. 

Road-trip en Espagne a seville

If you want to know more, check out our road trip in Spain 😉

The wonders of Portugal!

road-trip en espagne coucher de soleil

We strongly advise Portugal for a campervan road-trip! The campervan will let you visit a large part of the country and sleep in unusual places. We have selected some of the  beaches and places that are worth seeing. Stop the engine of your van and admire the sunsets while facing the ocean.

road-trip au portugal decouverte de obidos

Discovering Obidos

If this small town is not far from your path, be sure to visit it! It was built under the fortifications of an old castle. You will fall in love with its small and colourful streets. The lands and the city used to belong to the former Queens of Portugal.

The dunes of São Jacinto

Let yourself be guided and get lost in the middle of the nature between sand dunes, ocean and forests. Discover the Sao Jacinto dunes along the coastline and wander through the forest of the natural reserve where you can see many ponds and observe various species of water birds in their natural habitat.

road-trip au Portugal le long des plages

The Portuguese Venice

Less than an hour from Porto and only a short walk away from Sao Jacinto’s dunes, take your campervan and stop by Aveiro. Plunge into the heart of this charming and colourful city also known as the Portuguese Venice, take a “buga”, these self-service bikes and go around the city. Go back to your van and then head to Costa-Nova, a beautiful beach city with wooden cottages.

Benagil Cave

In Algarve, Southern Portugal, discover this wonder of nature: a beach at the bottom of a cave located 30 meters below the ground, hidden in a sensational cliff.  An opening on the top of this cliff lets the natural light enter and gives a spectacular turquoise color to the water. It is considered as one of the most beautiful sites of Portugal. You can access it by boat during a guided tour, but the bravest out there will take on the short swim from Praia de Benagil to explore it. A little advice: swim to it in the morning, before the boats arrive. You’ll have the place for yourself, and for free 😉

Feel free to visit the Portugal Tourism website to prepare your road trip aboard your Blacksheep campervan!

road-trip au Portugal a benagil

Campervan rental agencies in Spain and Portugal

If you are looking for an adventure, come discover our Blacksheep Van agencies in Spain and Portugal: Barcelona, ​​Madrid, Malaga, Porto and Lisbon. Then choose the vehicle that suits you from our large range: the Explorer, the California, the Classic, the Mini or the Black-Up and go explore the Iberian peninsula with your friends or family!

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