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Today, environmental protection is a central issue within Blacksheep Van. Our team is in the middle of thinking in order to move towards a more responsible approach. That’s why we’re very happy to join the 1% for the Planet movement! This commitment seems to be consistent after our engagement for Make Friday Green Again. We realized that there is an urgent need to react before it is too late. Indeed, it is becoming easier to observe the impacts of climate change. From melting glaciers to atmospheric warming, to biodiversity that is threatened… It’s time to act to preserve the environment! We are aware that our campervans pollute by the release of CO2 and by their manufacture. Engaging with 1% for the Planet is a first step in taking responsibility!

1% for the Planet: a collective working to protect the environment

Some key info on 1% for the Planet:

The aim is to increase the efficiency of environmental associations. For the founders, the survival of humanity depends on the preservation of nature. They will then seek funds to support the various environmental associations of the collective. They turn to companies, sometimes pointed out because of the pollution they cause. The challenge is to make them aware of their environmental impact as well as the protection of the planet.

Only 7% of corporate donations are dedicated to the environment (Admical Barometer 2018). But that is not enough to address the most important issue of the next few years. This is where 1% for the Planet works and succeeds in initiating companies (more than 700 in France and 3,500 worldwide).

The principle is simple: encourage companies to donate 1% of their annual turnover. This sum is donated to environmental associations that work with 1%. Companies can choose for themselves the different associations they want to support (more than 400 licensed in France).

1% for the Planet is committed to several areas of action:

Why join 1% for the Planet?

A bully at heart and a lover of nature above all else, we want to act in a concrete way. Nature being our playground, it is essential for us to protect it. We would like to give back to her what she has offered us and preserve it for future generations. Because we know that we move better together than alone: 1% is the ideal partner. Joining him is a first step towards a more responsible approach. Reversing 1% of our turnover helps to offset our environmental impact. It’s not enough, we’re well aware of it! But this will allow us to participate in the projects of the environmental associations that we have chosen to support.

Our long-term goal is to minimize our environmental impact. Going on a van adventure is a bit of a van why Blacksheep Van exists! But the production of our vans, the gasoline used on the roads… are sources of pollution. Yes, a van road trip can be less polluting than a plane trip. But we also need to think about other things like resource management. The behaviour adopted during a road trip is also important (sorting waste, respecting the environment…). All of these elements are accountable and contribute to environmental degradation from a distance or close.

The planet needs us and we are convinced that together we can make a difference. Let us take care of this nature that fascinates us, helps us and guides us. It is through our actions and struggles that we can make a difference.

11 February 2021