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Campervan Explorer

From $119/day


Diesel - Manual box

4 places

4 beds (2 adults - 2 children)

Built-in shower and toilet

5.99m x 2.42m x 2.59m

Think big!

How many seats are there in the Campervan Explorer?

The Campervan Explorer is for 4 people (2 adults 2 children), with 2 double beds and 4 seats.

What equipment is provided in the Campervan Explorer?

Campervan Explorer has the right facilities for a comfortable stay. Air conditioning, car radio with touch screen, multiple USB ports, parking assistance system, controller and speed limiter... You can also sit comfortably outside; it has an outdoor table and 2 folding chairs (2 additional stools possible). The volkswagen crafter is perfect for road-trips between friends and/or family. The Campervan Explorer will surprise you with its comfort and equipment. It is a van designed that allows you to live your road trip independently through all the reliefs of France. Its 4m outdoor blind allows you to stay cool during your seaside meals. Filled with tricks, turn on stationary heating; it will warm you up on cool nights!

For your hygiene, we have everything planned in this Campervan Explorer!

This van is equipped to guarantee good hygiene during your road trip. It has an interior sink, and a fitted bathroom.

Your kitchen space in the Campervan Explorer Blacksheep!

You can store your food in the 70L freezer fridge in this converted van. Prepare gourmet dishes with our gas heater, water heater and 2-fire gas stove. You will have at your disposal a kitchen crate.

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