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Chambéry, France

Chambéry, cradle and historic capital of Savoy, City of the Dukes

Prefecture of Savoie, Chambéry is located in the northern Alps between the Chartreuse Mountains and the Bauges. The city bears witness to the past with its Savoyard saved heritage, inherited the Italian style.

The old quarter of the city, well preserved and lively, very original and surprising share its beautiful facades and small winding alleys where you walk on foot.

Having rented your Campervan or Minibus with Blacksheep, van hire built in Lyon or Bordeaux, you have the opportunity to go to a road trip in the mountains in the Alps or in Italy. Chambery is the gateway to both destinations or simply a charming town where a break during the trip.

58,500 inhabitants, the town of Chambery has several faces: the old city and the contemporary city.

The old town has beautiful old buildings like the Interpretation Centre built in the sixteenth century, the Clos Savoiroux Park where the statue of J – J Rousseau, the Fountain of Marmousets (This nickname was given to the King’s advisers in the fourteenth century, a little culture devil), the Buisson Rond park and Castle Boigne (a major green spaces in the city and its alpine rose), theater Charles Dulin and finally the Cathedral of St. Francis of Sales (housing the largest set of paint trompe l’oeil in Europe, it changes the children coloring).

The contemporary city has several museums like the City of Arts houses the Conservatory, the House of Parks and Mountain and Eureka Gallery. There is also the Rotunda SNCF greater rotunda ever built in France and fully closed. The building has a metal architecture Eiffel type tours are by reservation.

You should know that Chambéry was heavily bombed May 26, 1944 by the Allies to cover the Normandy landings. The destruction of stations and priorities of the region allowing the Allies to prevent the Germans to repatriate their troops in northwestern France, place of landing. In a minute and a half Chambery receives 720 bombs dropped by 72 aircraft. The city puts twenty years to get up, clean up, relocate and rebuild … This explains some of the differences that can be observed between neighborhoods, more or less affected during the bombing.

The economy is mainly based on the administration of the department which it is the capital and teaching including the University of Savoie.

In short, Chambéry is a charming town for a day during your road trip in the Alps or on the way to Italy, Switzerland, Austria and Lichtenstein other.

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