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Combi VW T2

From $120/day


50 to 70hp - manual gearbox

4 places

2 double beds (2 adults - 2 children)

Shower and toilet optional

4.54m x 1.76m x 1.95m

Travel around France like in the 60s with the T2 Volkswagen Combi!

How many seats are there for the volkswagen Combi rental?

The Volkswagen Combi is rented for 4 people, with two double beds and 4 or 5 seats.

What equipment is provided for a weekend in a Volkswagen Combi?

The Combi T2 has simple and useful equipment to spend a vintage stay to the rhythm of the 60s. The rental of the volkswagen combi is a unique experience to live for road-trips between friends and/or family. The layout includes an indoor living area. We also provide an outdoor table with 2/4 chairs (tabourets on request).

Your kitchen space in the Combi T2 Blacksheep!

The Combi T2 is equipped with a cooler, gas cooking plates, a sink with a water reserve and kitchen utensils (pan, pans, cutlery...).

For what occasion to rent the Combi Volkswagen T2?

The Volkswagen Combi is perfect for an original event such as a wedding, a bachelorette party, living room, filming... Or for little a local road trip! This van, straight from Brazil, awaits you for an old-time road trip. Travel around France to the rhythm of the 60s!

We remind you that these vans are still 40 years old and that, even if their mechanics are maintained, they like to ride quietly! For this your perimeter will be limited to 200 km around the starting agency.

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