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The world has lived and is currently experiencing an unprecedented situation. The safety and health of our customers and teams is and will continue to be our priority. At Blacksheep, we have, as soon as the containment was announced, closed the doors of our agencies, repatriated our customers for hire and postponed all planned road-trips. The world and its certainties are turned upside down, and with the necessary hindsight to deal with the situation, we adapt.

Flexibility option offered!

We maintain the flexibility of our trade policy! For all bookings until December 31, 2021, you are free to cancel for free for no particular reason, until 48 hours before the start of the rental. You will receive a deposit valid for 12 months from the date of issuance, an amount equal to (the) down payment, to allow you to postpone your road trip to the dates of your choice. This assets can be used in the agency of your choice, depending on availability. The cancellation request must be sent at least 48 hours before the start of the e-mail rental to You will not be eligible for a refund if at the end of the 12 months we have not entered into a new benefit.

Our cleaning and disinfection measures

In the vans

In the current context, we have strengthened our policy of cleaning up the vans. As a result, the deeply cleaning and disinfection of the vans is carried out using fungicides and virucid products, and all barrier gestures will obviously be scrupulously respected during departures and returns. The teams in charge of the preparation of the vehicles are equipped with adequate protections (masks, gloves) when cleaning vans. A clear cleaning procedure has been put in place at all contact points. The inside of the vans is cleaned and disinfected with a fungicide aerosol bomb to prevent the slightest possibility of the virus. Once the van is disinfected, no one accesses it until the customer takes control.

In agency

Departures and returns are made with full respect for the barrier gestures. Hydroalcoholic gel is available in each agency. Our teams are equipped with masks and gloves, and we ask all our customers to do the same for departures and returns, as much as possible. Only one client is authorized in an agency to proceed with the settlement and departure procedures. Plexiglass protections are installed in all agencies equipped with counters. These counters are disinfected before and after each departure and return. Only one customer may be present to carry out the status of the vehicle, which is done on disinfected shelves with each use. He/she alone can get into the vehicle to take control of the vehicle. Teammate Blacksheep assists him by respecting the safety distances. For returns, the contact points (handles and control station of the vehicle) are disinfected before making the status of the places back.

During your stay

A 10cl bottle of hydroalcoholic gel and disposable sheets are made available to our customers for each departure. Kitchen crates and crockery will no longer be automatically put into the van, so you can bring your own equipment if you wish. However, they are always available free of charge.


With your van...

Travel outside France will be difficult to anticipate in the coming months. We invite you, therefore, to favour travel and journeys around your home, because let's not forget that France is full of beautiful regions to discover and has a considerable heritage! Take advantage of this free time to prepare your next adventure in the Mountains, in Provence with a view of the lavender fields, or even by the sea to the sound of seagulls aboard our disinfected vans!

A word from the Blackshepherds

We are convinced that the Adventure begins "at the end of its street". It starts where you get out of your comfort zone, when you're in the unknown. It is made up of sometimes difficult times, where you have to stick together. This is what we have been through and are still living today. But it allows you to grow, to get richer and also to see things differently. We are convinced that it is high time to rethink the way we live, to travel, to consume. Let us try to regain some of the humility we all have to show in the face of Nature. We hope that your adventure aboard our vans will allow you to discover this way of living more simply, and to appreciate what ultimately really matters.


Edouard and Sylvain, founders of Blacksheep