COVID-19 - Blacksheep Van

Book a blacksheep furnished van after the confinement related to COVID-19

The world has lived and is living an unprecedented situation. Our customers and team members security are and will still be our priority. At Blacksheep, from the beginning of confinement, we closed all our agencies, we brought back home all our customers and rescheduled all planned road-trips. The world is upset, but with the necessary hindsight, we are adapting.

Set up of an exceptional commercial policy

In order to facilitate the organization of your future road-trips and campervan rentals, we have set up a FREE cancellation option. This option is free for all departures in 2020 at all our agencies.

– For bookings taken since March 15, 2020 whose departures take place throughout 2020:

You can cancel your trip free of charge up to 48 hours before the start of your rental, we will refund your deposit in full. This option is automatically applied to all reservations.

– For all other reservations:

In accordance with order n ° 2020-315 of March 25, 2020 taken by the government, we offer for any other cancellation notified in 2020 a credit note valid for 18 months, in an amount equal to (the) deposit (s) paid ). This credit can be used for another reservation, at later dates, with the same agency or another agency in our network, depending on availability. As prices vary depending on the period, we cannot guarantee that the amount of this credit will allow you to benefit from a service of the same duration. The cancellation request must be sent at least 48 hours before the start of the rental by e-mail to If at the end of the 18 months you have not been able to consume your stay in the van, we will refund you the full amount paid for your stay.

Our cleaning and disinfection measures

In our vans

In the current context, we reinforced our cleaning policy regarding furnished vans. As a consequency, cleaning and disinfection of vans in depth are done thanks to fungicidal and virucidal products, and all the barrier gestures will obviously strictly respected during vans departures and returns. 

Teams in charge of vehicles preparation are equipped with protective equipments (blouses, masks, gloves) during vans cleaning. A clear process of cleaning has been set up regarding all contact points. Vans interior is cleaned then disinfected thanks to an aerosol bomb in the aim to prevent any possibility of the virus. Once disinfected van, no one can access to it before the handling by the customer.

In our agencies

Departures and returns of vans are realized in total respect of barrier gestures. Hydroalcoholic gel is made available inside each Blacksheep agency. Our teams are equipped with masks and gloves, and we ask to all our customers to also come equipped during vans departures and returns, as much as possible. Only one customer is allowed in agency in order to proceed to checkout and departure procedures. Plexiglass protections are set up in all agencies equipped of counters. These counters are disinfected before and after each departure and return. Only one customer can be present to realize vehicle inventory, which is done on disinfected tablets at each use. This customer only can get into the vehicle in order to take the vehicle in hand. Blacksheep team member assists him/her by respecting safety distances. As regards returns, contact points (vehicle handle and control station) are disinfected before realizing vans returns inventory.

During your trip

One hydroalcoholic gel bottle of 10cl as well as disposable sheets are made available for our customers regarding vans departures. Kitchen cases and dishes will no longer be automatically placed in the vans, in order to enable you to bring your own equipment if you wish. They are however still available for free. 

With your van, this summer…

Travels outside french territory are going to be complicated to anticipate during next months. As a consequency, we invite you to favorize travels and trajects all around your home, because don’t forget that France abounds in nice areas to discover and owns a considerable patrimonial heritage ! Take advantage of this free time to prepare your next adventure at the mountain, in Provence with a view of the lavender fields, or by the sea to the sound of seagulls on board our disinfected vans !

A message from Blackshepherds

We are convinced that the adventure begins “at the end of the street”. It starts where you step out of your comfort zone, when we are in the unknown. It is composed of moments sometimes difficult, when you have to stick together. It is what we lived together and what we live currently today. But it also enables to grow up and to see world differently. We are convinced that it’s time to rethink the way we live, we travel and we consume. Let’s try to find a little bit of the humility that we all have to show face to the nature. We hope your adventure aboard our vans will enable you to discover this way of life more simply, and to enjoy finally what really matters.

Edouard and Sylvain, founders of Blacksheep