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Notice to van owners ! What if you decorated your van for Halloween ? This is an opportunity to get your van out of the garage and live an experience of assured thrills while staying at home.

On the program of this evening, you will discover how to cut a pumpkin for Halloween as well as other decoration ideas for Halloween that will not cost you much (spoil of one of the ideas: a bat garland!) ! Everything is there to make you shudder ! So let’s go !

How to cut a pumpkin for Halloween ? Make your own Jack O’Lantern to dress up your van on Halloween !

Van decoration for Halloween, three pumpkins decorated Jack O'Lantern style.

What better way to decorate your van than the inevitableHalloween pumpkin ? Indeed, once personalized, you will be able to exhibit your work in your van. Preferably, choose a small or medium-sized pumpkin so as not to take up too much space.

🎃Comment découper une citrouille pour Halloween ? Vous aurez besoin de :

  • a pumpkin,
  • a good knife,
  • a spoon,
  • a candle,
  • a lighter.

We offer you this little tutorial to guide you. And not to waste the seeds, you can enjoy them as an aperitif ! A good anti gaspi idea for a special Halloween aperitif !

Add a special Halloween bat garland to make yourself !

Bat in front of a full moon upside down.

🦇Une guirlande Halloween à fabriquer soi-même ou à acheter.

For DIY, you will need :

  • a bat pattern,
  • black crepe paper,
  • a chisel,
  • a good pen to make the outline.

You can follow this tutorial to make your bat garland !

Alternatively, you can buy directly in-store or on Etsy ! And then you will only have to add a string to make the garland or add them one by one everywhere in the van.

Create a subdued atmosphere for a homemade and easy Halloween decoration !

Decorate your van for Halloween, string light in a van at night with two people inside.

Thanks to the light garland to create this subdued atmosphere so singular and particular in the fall which is ideal to create a decoration for Halloween homemade and easy to reproduce ! Prefer a warm yellow light.

Another alternative, you can also have candles everywhere to create this atmosphere.

Pinterest © / Elegant and strong

Decorating the windows of your van for Halloween, a terrifying result for cheap !

X-ray on a mirror.

We are not going to go through 4 paths, we are here to shiver ! (We admit that it is mainly to scare your neighbors). So adding fallen leaves or radios to your windows can be a solution for a cheap Halloween decoration result.

As a result, you can borrow the last radio of Grandma Yvonne’s hip or the broken leg of your youngest.

© ELLE / Pinterest / Found on Pink Peppermint Design

Decorate your van for Halloween, red and yellow dead leaves Like Jack O'Lantern.

For fallen leaves, you can pick them up in the forest, or at the bottom of your home. It’s good it’s the season and it will give a great result of decoration for Halloween cheap !

Afterwards, dry them a little flat and then draw scary faces or what you like on them. Now all you have to do is stick them to your windows !

Et si les questions autour de l’environnement vous intéresse. N’hésitez pas à consulter notre article sur le sujet 😉 : comment limiter son impact environnemental en road trip.

© ELLE / Pinterest / Found on LeMeilleurduDIY

Decorate your worktop with a bouquet of black flowers

Decorate your van for Halloween with a bouquet of thistles.

The art of the bouquet of flowers or plants makes it possible to decorate a room just with its presence, isn’t it fabulous ?

🖤Pour une ambiance un peu plus dark, vous pouvez ajouter un bouquet de chardons par exemple ! En effet, cette plante épineuse nous fait penser aux sorcières qui les utiliserait pour créer des potions ou des sorts, pas vous ?

And then do not hesitate to go to a florist to get inspired by other plants or flowers to create your own dark bouquet ! With seasonal flowers preferably !

© ELLE / Pinterest / Found on Gardenista

Récupérez votre meilleur plaid, vos coussins, installez vous confortablement et laissez place à l’horreur. Choisissez seul, en famille, entre potes ou avec votre moitié un film d’horreur bien horrifiant comme Host, Sinister ou Saw. Pour vous mettre dans l’ambiance, on vous propose le court métrage lights out, qui a tout d’un grand film d’horreur.🍿

Préparez le popcorn, des bonbons et des boissons, on oublie pas de s’hydrater avec un smoothie aux fruits rouges ou un chocolat chaud ! Si vous installez votre van dehors pour Halloween, laissez les volets ouverts pour plus de frissons ! 👻


10 November 2021