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Concept, definition of a kitchenette

Small moment definition. A kitchenette,from the English derivative kitchen, is what can be called an extra kitchen. Indeed, it is placed in the back of a vehicle and allows you, as its name suggests, to cook from it. Equipped with a sink and space for stoves, our models are all accompanied by a slatted box spring and a standard size mattress to combine kitchen and rest.

As an option, you can add Nestbags (storage bag, only compatible with T5,T6,T6.1 from Volkswagen in short chassis), cushions, a sleeping extension or a cooler (compression or thermoelectric).

If you have to choose between two coolers, we recommend the compression one, which keeps the cold better. Indeed, the thermoelectric is regulated according to the outside temperature and has more of a refrigerating function. For example if outside it is 30 degrees, in your thermoelectric cooler it will be 10 degrees.

The budget to equip your vehicle (a van fitted out yourself for example) with a Nestbox roamer 710 or other kitchenette

Our furnishing boxes include a kitchenette, a slatted box spring and a standard mattress. These can be suitable for almost any vehicle but are particularly suitable for vehicles such as Estate/SUV, Ludospace/Minivan or Van and Van. You can easily add this box to complete the equipment ofa van that you have arranged yourself.

Therefore, depending on the model, the price of our kitchenettes starts from €589.00 up to €4,755.00*. But be careful, the price may vary depending on the options you choose or not, such as the addition of Nestbags, cushions, a sleeping extension or a thermoelectric cooler for example.

* (price without options).

For more details, do not hesitate to contact us at this number or by email so that we can advise you according to your needs and get a personalized quote.

📞 + 33 9 51 38 88 15

📧, pour une location de van avec la kitchenette.

📧, pour être conseillé sur un achat de kitchenette.

In the meantime, to help you project, we show you the vehicles with verified compatibility for our Nestbox ROAMER 710 and Nestbox Hiker 300 models. If you do not find your vehicle in the list, do not hesitate to visit our development site to consult other models of facilities or to contact us.

Advantages and disadvantages of having a mobile kitchen for camping and hiking for example

extra kitchen in a van trunk. Surfboards on the side.
  • L’été c’est pratique pour cuisiner en extérieur. En effet, si on fait tomber quelque chose par terre, il sera plus simple de nettoyer (ou pas, si c’est juste de l’eau par exemple 😉). 
  • There is always a slatted box spring and a standard size mattress included in the furnishing box. This allows you to arrange your vehicle completely and comfortably with a compact and simple layout.
  • You have the choice of the color of your kitchen box and your mattress. Indeed, between Grey / Red and Green, you can compose the colors of your layout at your convenience.
  • Delivery in agency. Little more if you have it delivered to the Lyon agency, we put the box in your vehicle.
  • For the after-sales service, we take care of liaising between you and the manufacturer, if necessary.

The disadvantages :

To get started, you can start by renting a van equipped with a kitchenette or let yourself be tempted by our AIOKS model. Designed for 4 people, for a weight of 9 kilos and CE certified (compliance with the essential requirements defined by European legislation), this model of kitchenette allows you to cook easily outdoors.

A short demonstrative video to show you how to use a Nestbox Hiker 300 kitchenette :

Egoé nest

We hope this article has helped you decide. If ever, do not hesitate to contact us or make an appointment in an agency to be advised as close as possible to your needs. In addition, if you want to try the experience before buying, you can rent one of our vans equipped with an egoe kitchenette like the CamperVan mini,the Campervan Classic and the California Beach. In the meantime, we recommend our article on our 5 easy and quick meal ideas for a road trip in a special Autumn van that you can make with a kitchenette.

📞 + 33 9 51 38 88 15

📧, pour une location de van avec kitchenette.

📧, pour être conseillé sur un achat de kitchenette.

16 November 2021