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You own a vehicle and you like or are attracted to road trips by car? Simply out of curiosity or looking to buy or renta roof tent, if you are here it is to know everything about it!

In this article you will discover the concept of the roof tent, its cost and the main advantages of it. We also tell you about its main disadvantage and our favorite models. For a purchase or for a rental of a roof tent to install on your car, why not let yourself be tempted ?

🚘 Le concept de la tente de toit

The concept of the roof tent is quite simple, it is a tent that can be added to the roof of your vehicle. City dweller, 4×4, van or van, you can fix your tent on any roof as long as you have the appropriate fasteners. You will need at least approved roof racks for 75kg and more, with a spacing of at least 60cm between the bars that you will have to choose according to the weight of the tent.

💶 Combien ça coûte la location ou l’achat d’une tente de toit pour sa voiture ?

At Blacksheep Van:

The Hussarde is a flagship roof tent model from the NaïtUp brand. Duö, Quatrö or Family, discover the NaïtUp models but also Ikamper on our Blacksheep-vanlife website, dedicated among other things to the equipment for van life, landscaping and roof tents.

⚠️ But be careful, when buying, the price may vary depending on the options you choose or not. So the purchase of a mattress, a ladder, a canvas or fasteners can change the price. You can check out these options on our landscaping site.

Pour plus de simplicité, n’hésitez pas à prendre rendez-vous en agence pour vous faire votre propre avis et être conseillé. De plus, vous pouvez même louer pour un week-end une tente de toit pour expérimenter cet équipement et ainsi vous aider à vous décider. On vous invite à contacter la team Blacksheep par mail ou par téléphone 😉 :


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The overall advantages of an Ikamper or La Hussarde roof tent, a NaïtUp roof tent

A roof tent allows you to go on a road trip in a safer and simpler way than by car. Find a spot, park, deploy your tent and you will be ready to sleep.

In addition, sleeping at heights adds security. Indeed, especially if you sleep in the middle of nature, it protects you from certain wild animals while respecting the environment.

An Ikamper or NaïtUp quatrö roof tent allows you to add additional beds. Indeed, depending on the model you can sleep at 2 and even 5 for the older ones !

➕ Rigid or flexible, quick set up ! About 1 minute for the rigid and you are ready to go to sleep !

➕ It adapts to almost any roof so do not panic if you change cars. As a precaution, remember to check compatibility before buying.

➕ A roof tent is an economical solution compared to buying a van or motorhome. In addition, it saves you hotel nights.

Tente de toit famille, un enfant monte sur une échelle aidé de son père. Le van est posé devant une montagne.

➕ With purchase, new, NaïtUp models are guaranteed manufacturer 5 years and 2 years for Ikamper models.

➕ Suite à votre achat, on peut vous aider à les fixer sur votre véhicule. 💪

➕ If you encounter a problem following your purchase, we take care of the intermediary between you and the manufacturer. Convenient when it is Korean !

➕ It is a practical and adaptable solution according to the situations ! Indeed, once folded, the roof tent looks like a roof box and takes up little space. As a result, when you no longer need your tent, you can fold it up and easily roll through narrow streets or access parking lots with height limitation.

➕ It saves space in your car to take the essentials to your trip. Instead of the tent that took up too much space in your trunk, you can put it more easily: cooler, stove, first aid kit, children’s blanket or your pet !

➕ It can offer you a great point of view for waking up, which is more complicated with a tent on the ground.

➕ It is a comfortable solution. By adding a mattress, your duvet and your pillows, you will be at home !

Skycamp 2.0 model

Disadvantage of a road trip with this equipment

The main disadvantage of the roof tent is that it increases the wind grip of the vehicle and impacts fuel consumption. Fortunately, there are deflectors that reduce consumption and noise ! On average, this overconsumption of fuel can amount to 0.5 to 1 L depending on the vehicle and the positioning of the tent.

Mais bonne nouvelle ! 🎉 Si vous êtes adepte de l’éco-conduite (on vous le conseille si non), votre véhicule pourrait même moins consommer avec cet équipement que sans !

The models Ikamper and NaïtUp Quatrö, Duö

NaïtUp roof tents, such as the Quatrö model or the Ikamper Skycamp 2.0 model, make it easy to travel with your family. Some models of the brand NaïtUp (it depends on the material of the canvas) are even Made in France. Discover in video the Hussarde Quatrö and Duö tents !


On espère que cet article vous a permis d’en apprendre plus sur la tente de toit ! Pour plus d’informations techniques, vous pouvez consulter nos articles sur les modèles NaïtUp Quatrö, NaïtUp Duö ou consulter directement notre site d’aménagement. 🤠

La meilleure façon d’acheter c’est de tester ! Alors si votre cœur balance entre l’achat ou la location, tentez de louer une tente de toit ! N’hésitez pas à prendre rendez-vous en agence pour que l’on puisse vous conseiller. 😉

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10 November 2021