FAQ - Information and Tips - Blacksheep Van

FAQ – Information and Tips

1. Your Campervan

  • A Blacksheep Van is a vehicle that is equipped to allow you to sleep, cook and wash yourself during a road trip. We have a large range of various-sized campervans to rent, appropriate for everyone’s needs and desires. To learn more about our different campervans, go check out our “Campervans” page!

  • To travel :
    The Blacksheep campervans range from 2 to 6 seats for driving, depending on the vehicle you choose. To know how many seats the campervan you are renting has, feel free to give us a call at +33(0)9 51 38 88 15!

    During the night :
    Week Breaker : 2 or 4 people depending on the roof tent selected.
    Mini Aventure : 2 people in the roof tent.
    Campervan Mini : 1 double bed for 2 people (+ 2 or 4 people if roof tent option)
    Campervan Classic : 1 double bed for 2 people (+ 2 or 4 people if roof tent option)
    California Confort : 2 double beds for 4 people
    Marco Polo : 2 double beds for 4 people
    Black-Up : 4 people (4 adults) ou 5 people (2 adults 3 children)
    California Beach : 5 people (2 adults 3 children)
    Campervan Explorer : 4 people (2 adults 2 children)
    Campervan Explorer Beach : 5 people (2 adults 3 children)
    Camping-Car Maxi : 7 people (3 double beds + 1 single bed)

    The Blacksheep Minibus have 9 seats (with seatbelts) and a large trunk to put your luggage in.

    Roof and bike racks are available as options. Give us a call to check the availabilities!

  • The equipment: all of our vans are less than 2 years old, hence they are equipped with all the security standards of new vehicles.
    For more comfort, the Blacksheep vans are provided with: aircon, a radio, MP3 player, USB-in, Jack-In, power steering, tinted windows, sun-visors or curtains, central locking, heating (not always stationary).
    To guarantee your safety, the vans are equipped with ESP, ABS and Double Airbags. If you have any question, give us a call!

    Regarding the campervans, is included in the rental price: an outdoor table, 2 chairs (+ stools on demand if available), 1 kitchen unit equipped with sink and tap, storage trunk, one bed (or more depending on the model), a set of kitchen and dish utensils, a gas stove, a fridge or electric cooler, a clean water tank (capacity depending on the campervan model).

    You can bring your own personal dishes and pans, but if you don’t want to bother, we offer free kitchen sets! Here is an example:

    Kitchen kit
    This is an example of a kitchen kit provided in all campervans. Non-contractual photo which might change depending on the departure agency.

  • Services
    During your stay, depending on the agency and availabilities, you can leave your personal vehicle on our carparks, free of charge.

    From some agencies, we can also come and pick you up to get back to the agency. To know if it is possible, give us a call at +33(0)9 51 38 88 15!

  • When you rent a campervan, you get 200 km included per rental day.

    For example: 14 days = 2800 km included, 7 days = 1400 km included, 3 days = 600 km…

    To switch to unlimited miles,  you will have to choose a complementary insurance pack (Roady or All-In) at 29€/day or 39€/day.

    If you are not convinced by these packs, you will always have the option pay an extra fee of 0.40€ /Km over your daily limit. We will send you a bill updated after your return. We will let you do the maths which option will be the best for you! 😉

  • All available options can be selected on our website during your booking process!

    We can name a few on the top of our head: cancellation insurance, GPS, roof rack, barbecue, solar shower, 12V / 220V converter, bike rack, child seat… Give us a call to know which options are available in your departure agency!

  • All of our vans run with diesel/B7 fuel, and nothing else!

2. Your insurance

  • The Blackshepherds know the importance of being able to take turns when it comes to driving for a long while. But in the basic rental cost, only one driver is insured to drive the vehicle.

    You can add one driver with the Roady Insurance Pack for 29€/day. With the All-In Insurance Pack for 39€/day, you will be free to add as many drivers as you want. This way, all of the registered drivers will be insured!

    To be noted : all drivers must meet the rental permit conditions (valid license, valid ID, be older than 21 years-old and have 2 years of driving experience).

  • Our insurance is an all-risk liability insurance. It will provide you with technical assistance 24/7, vehicle service or towing of the vehicle in case of immobilisation due to breakdown or accident, repatriation.

    Depending on the complementary packs, the deductible in case of responsible damage is of 2400€, 600€ or 300€. To be noted: this deductible is per damage, and does not cover the top and under parts of the vehicle, nor the inside of the van.

  • Of course! To avoid any hassle, all vehicle rental prices include insurance (with deductible). The deductible might vary depending on the insurance pack you choose as an complementary option!
  • In case of breakdown, you have to immediately call the assistance number available 24/7 in Europe, which you will find in the documents of the vehicle. Call us as soon as you can at 33(0)9 51 38 88 15, so that we can find a solution together!

    In case of accident, first, make sure you are completely safe. Then, make an official insurance accident report (the document is in the vehicle). Then, call the assistance number available 24/7 in Europe, which you will find in the documents of the vehicle. Call us as soon as you can at 33(0)9 51 38 88 15

  • You have all of Europe as a playground! But countries with civil wars are also prohibited, for pretty obvious reasons.
  • Before being given the keys of the vehicle, you have must secured a security deposit of € 2,500 (not cashed, either by check or credit card authorization). This is a guarantee for Blacksheep to ensure that our clients return the van without damage, or a responsible financially for damage, abnormal breakdown of the vehicle, accident, failure to return equipment or options, cleaning inside / outside not done, lack of diesel or fines incurred by the vehicle.
    Your financial responsibility can be lowered through our complementary insurance packs, though the sum of the deposit is not affected by the purchase of a complementary insurance pack.

3. Your booking

  • It is super easy! Go to our homepage: you will find a list with our departure agencies. Select yours, then select the dates you want to book your van. The available vehicles will appear! Choose your vehicle, then choose your various options depending on the availabilities. You will then reach payment: we ask for a 50% down payment of your booking. Once it’s done, you will receive a booking confirmation email!
    You can also book and pay on the phone at +33(0)9 51 38 88 15.

  • You can pay the 50% deposit in credit or debit card (Visa, Eurocard, Mastercard) via our website. The remaining balance can be payed in the agency before your departure day. We accept payments in credit card, ANCV Chèques Vacances or check. Payment modalities may vary depending on the agency, don’t hesitate to contact us at +33(0)951388815 to know what are those of your departure agency!

  • Our opening hours vary depending on the agency! Call us at +33(0)951388815, or select your agency on our homepage: once you have selected it and your dates, you will see the opening hours appear on the right!

  • You will need a regular French driving license or one issued by a European Economic Area member state (that is to say, Member States of the European Union, Iceland, Liechtenstein and Norway) and valid in France. The holders of a license issued by another country than those mentionned must present a license with photograph and written in French or accompanied by an official translation. An international driving license must be accompanied by a national driving license. A regular driving license (for cars) is enough.

    Holding a “white” license or with restricted validity, a statement of loss or theft of a driving license, or even a copy of the driving license will not authorize the rental of the vehicle.

  • You must be at least 21 years old and have had a valid driving license for at least 2 years to drive a Blacksheep Van.
    To drive our Minibus, you must be 25 years old and have a valid driving license for at least 3 years.

  • If you cancel more than 45 days before your departure date: 15% of the total rental price will be retained by Blacksheep.

    If you cancel between 45 days and 21 days before your departure date: 30% of the total rental price will be retained by Blacksheep.

    If you cancel less than 21 days before your departure date: 50% of the total rental price will be retained by Blacksheep.

    If you cancel less than 7 days before your departure date: 100% of the total rental price will be retained by Blacksheep.

    To expect the unexpected remember we have a cancellation option for only 8 €/rental day! It will let you cancel your booking free of charge until 7 days before your departure date (Warning: the total amount of this option will remain due no matter what happens).

  • You can rent throughout the year for a minimum of 2 days, however in high season (July and August) a minimum of 7 days rental can be required depending on the agency. Don’t hesitate to contact us though, as we are at your service and any specific requests can be processed based on availability.
    For rentals longer than 4 weeks, please contact us so that we can give you a personnalized quotation!

4. Your Road trip

  • In most of our agencies, you can leave your personal car on our carpark for no additional cost. This might be subject to availabilities though, so be sure to give us a quick call at +33(0)951388815 to know what poicy your departure agency has!

  • You choose your departure and return times when you book your van directly on our website. During the highest season, it is possible that our commercial team will call you to slightly modify your departure time, in order to spread out and optimize the check-ins and make sure you wait the minimum and get your van quickly! We love to have you with us, but we prefer knowing you on the road 😉

  • Every driver must bring their driver’s license and a valid national identity card or passport. Be careful, we will not accept photocopies of any of these papers! You must also be able to pay for the remaining balance of your booking, if it hasn’t been done before on the phone or online.

    Finally you will have to make sure you can secure the € 2,500 deposit by check or through a credit/debit card authorization (nothing is debited!).

    And, well, don’t forget your stuff. That would be a bummer.

  • For hygiene purposes, sheets and beddings are not provided in the rentals. Each person will have to bring their sheets and/or sleeping bag. We also advise you to bring your own pillows, because it’s comfier and it will make you sleep as well as home.

    We offer disposable and biodegradable sheets as an option.

  • Your favorite pets are welcome in most of our Blacksheep campervans. Some agencies might refuse or ask for an additional fee though. Give us a call or send us a quick email to know the policy of your departure agency!

    However in case of incident like gnawed seats, eaten kitchenware, stains, snapped seatbelts… you’ll be charged for the repair of the damage caused.

  • It depends on the vehicle and its height! We advise you to always reach for the counter where there’s a nice agent, or to go through the lanes without height limit, you know, just in case 😉
    Here’s a little recap of the various vehicle categories:

    Week Breaker : Category 1
    Mini Aventure : Category 1
    Campervan Mini : Category 1
    Campervan Classic : Category 1
    California Confort : Category 1
    Marco Polo : Category 1
    Black-Up : Category 2
    California Beach : Category 1
    Campervan Explorer : Category 2
    Campervan Explorer Beach : Category 2
    Camping-Car Maxi : Category 2

  • In France, and in theory, you can sleep in your van with no particular restriction. But the reality can vary a little! You must not park anywhere that is dangerous, that might bother or that is abusive. You must make sure you are not on a private property, or that you have the agreement of the landlord. If it is expressively indicated that camping is forbidden because you are in a regulated or classified area, drive a little more and find some place else. Be sure to check if there isn’t any signs or legal restrictions that could make your life a little more complicated.

    Generally, if there is not exterior sign of camping, you are allowed to cook and sleep in your van, even on the street!

    Here are two interesting tools to help you find amazing spots during your roadtrip:

    • our free app Blacksheep Van (Android & Iphone)
    • Park4night
  • You can fill the watertank in most motorhome service areas, but also in most gas stations. Our tip: check the Park4night app for the service areas closest to you!

    PS: a cyclist tip, cemeteries always have a water tap and a pipe laying around, so take advantage of it 😉

  • Hell to the no! It is forbidden to smoke in our vans, you must be outside the van to smoke. Plus it’s bad for your health so just don’t smoke.
  • If you haven’t payed for the cleaning of the vehicle as an option, the inside as well as all of the kitchen utensils must be returned as clean as you got them. The outside of the van must also be clean. If you haven’t had time to clean the van before you return it, a fee will be charged for the complete cleaning of the vehicle (amount may vary depending on the agency).

    So if you know that you won’t have time to clean it, make sure you buy the “end-of-stay cleaning” option! We will of course appreciate it if you can at least clean the dishes and kitchen utensils, and have at least used the small brush provided to do a quick clean 😉

  • Flush, Plouf, Toilet finders… There’s a great number of apps that help you localize the nearest toilets! Otherwise, think supermarkets: usually, there are toilets in their entryway, or quite simply the gas stations!

    If you are in nature, you can of course do it outside, but there are some rules and it’s important you respect them! Never leave the toilet paper in the nature. It’s disgusting and it’s never a funny suprise to find toilet paper when you are quietly hiking, so don’t be the one who left it there. Burn it, or keep it in a ziplock that you will then throw in the bin. If you need to poop in the wild, you have to dig a hole (deep enough so that animals don’t dig it out), do your business and then cover the crime scene.

    We also have composting toilets as an option!

4. The common issues you might encounter during your road trip

  • We pay for your own consumption of cooking gas. We provide a cooking gas bottle in the campervan, but we cannot guarantee the quantity of gas left in it. But don’t worry! If you run out, buy a new one, keep the receipt (very important) and we will reimburse you!

  • We make sure to give you the keys to a perfectly checked vehicle, with good tires. But if you drive a lot, you might have to change the tires and they can become a bit worn out. If you think they need a change, take a picture, send it to us, and we will guide you to a certified garage to change them.

  • We provide a bottle of engine oil with every campervan. If you lack some, add the oil (with a cold engine, of course!). If we forgot to provide a bottle in the van (we’re just humans, it may happen), buy one and keep the receipt (very important) we will reimburse you the price of the bottle.

  • All of the vehicle’s fluid levels are checked before any departure. But if you have planned to drive a lot, you might need to fill back the Adblue tank. Buy a bottle in any good garage, and keep the receipt so we can reimburse you!

  • All of our vehicles are equipped with central locking, and they all lock themselves up after a little while when the doors are closed. Don’t fall into the trap (in which many have fallen before you): always keep the keys with you so that you don’t lock yourself out of the van! Otherwise, you will have to break a window, or loose time trying to find a garage with central unlocking powers. Try to remember it, and it will save you some time and also money (we are not responsible of you leaving the keys inside the van)!