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Your Campervan

What's a Blacksheep van?

A Blacksheep van is a vehicle that allows you to sleep, cook and wash during a road trip. We offer for hire a wide range of vehicles more or less large, more or less comfortable, adapted to the needs and desires of all, tes. To view our various vehicles, visit our "Our Campervans" page!

How many people can travel in Blacksheep vans?

To travel:
The blacksheep campervans have 2 to 6 seats with grey card (with seat belt). To find out the number of seats, please call 0951388815!

During the night:
Week Breaker: 2 or 4 people depending on roof tent option
Mini Adventure: 2 people in the roof tent
Campervan Mini: 1 double bed for 2 people (plus 2 or 4 people if roof tent option)
Campervan Classic: 1 double bed for 2 people (plus 2 or 4 people if roof tent option)
California Comfort: 2 double beds for 4 people
Marco Polo: 2 double beds for 4 people
Black-Up: 4 people (4 adults) or 5 people (2 adults 3 children)
California Beach: 5 people (2 adults 3 children)
Campervan Explorer: 4 people (2 adults 2 children)
Campervan Explorer Beach: 5 people (2 adults 3 children)

Blacksheep minibuses have 9 seats with a grey card (with seat belt) and a huge storage box for your luggage.

Roof bars and bike racks are available as an option. Give us a call to find out what's available!

What equipment is included in the price?

Facilities: All our vans are less than 2 years old, and are therefore equipped with the latest safety standards.
For comfort the Blacksheep vans feature: air conditioning, a radio car, MP3, USB-in, Jack-in, power steering, tinted windows, sundroam/curtains, centralized closure, heating.
For your safety, the vans are also equipped with ESP, ABS, Double Airbags.
If you have a question, give us a call!

As for the campervans they are all equipped in the basic price of: an outdoor table, 2 chairs (on demand stools if available), 1 kitchen furniture equipped with sink and faucet, storage box, one (or more depending on model) sleeping, kitchen utensils and dishes, gas stove, refrigerated cooler, clean water tank (littering according to models).

You can bring your personal dishes without worry, but if it bothers you, we offer kitchen crates at no extra cost! Here's an example:

Here is an example of a kitchen kit provided in all campervans. Photo non-contractual and subject to change depending on the starting agency!

What services are included in the price?

Services: During your stay, according to the agencies and under cover of availability, you can leave your personal vehicle in the parking lot of our agencies and this, free of charge.
From some agencies, we can also pick you up to join the agency. To find out if this is possible, give us a call on 0951388815!

How many kilometres are included with my rental?

When you rent, you get 200 km included per day.
Example: 14 days - 2800 km included, 7 days - 1400 km included, 3 days - 600 km...

For those who want to swallow more kilometres, you must choose a supplementary insurance package (Roady or All-In) at 29 euros/day or 39 euros/day that will allow you to pass in unlimited kilometers.
If, however, these packs don't suit you, then you still have the option to choose the option at 0.40 euros per additional km, which we will charge you once you return! It's up to you to do the math to see the most advantageous for you!

What options are available with a Blacksheep campervan?

All available options can be selected on the site at the time of booking!
We can mention: cancellation insurance, franchise purchase, GPS, roof bars, barbecue, solar shower, 12V / 220V converter, bike rack, child seat... Give us a call to find out what options are available at your departure agency!

What fuel should I put in the vans?

All our vans run on diesel diesel diesel B7!

Your Insurance

Can we be several drivers, rices on the same road trip?

The Blackshepherds know the long roads and the interest of taking turns behind the wheel so as not to be too tired and always during the road trip. In the basic rental, a single driver.rice is insured.

You can add a driver.rice with the Roady pack at 29 euros per day. And thanks to the All-In pack, at 39 degrees/day you're free to add as many drivers as you like! This way all registered drivers will be assuré.es for driving your van! It should be noted, however, that all drivers will be required to meet the rental authorization requirements (valid permit, valid ID card, be more than 21 years old and 2 years of licence).

What does Blacksheep insurance cover?

Insurance is an all-risk liability insurance. It allows to benefit from the technical assistance of the vehicle 24 hours a day, towing or towing the vehicle in case of immobilization following a breakdown or accident, repatriation.
Depending on the pack, the deductible in the case of responsible damage is 2400, 600 or 300. Note that this is a deductible by damage, and does not cover the high and low parts of the vehicles, nor the interior of the van.

Is insurance included in the rental price?

Obviously! In order to avoid any hassle, all vehicle rental prices include all-risk insurance (with deductible). The deductible is subject to lowering depending on the additional insurance package you choose!

What happens in the event of a breakdown or accident?

In the event of a breakdown, you should call the 24/7 helpline throughout Europe with the vehicle's papers and notify us immediately on 09 51 38 88 15. Together we will find a solution to help you as soon as possible!

In the event of an accident, get to safety first. Then make an accident report (always provided with the vehicle). Then call the 24/7 helpline across Europe with the vehicle papers and call us on 09 51 38 88 15.

In which countries can I go in a converted van?

You have all of Europe as your playground! However, countries in civil war should not be allowed.

How much is the deposit for the rental of a Blacksheep vehicle?

At the time of the vehicle's handling, the main driver of the vehicle will be required to present a deposit cheque of 2,500 euros (not cashed) or a credit card fingerprint of the same amount, which will be intended to guarantee the Blacksheep company maximum financial liability (except in special cases, cf CGL) whose tenant could be liable in case of damage, abnormal damage to the vehicle, accident, non-restitution of equipment or options, interior/outdoor cleaning not done, full of diesel not carried out or fines suffered by the vehicle.
Your financial liability in the event of a responsible accident can be reduced by choosing complementary insurance packages. However, the amount of the deposit does not change, even if you buy a supplementary insurance package.

Your booking

How do I book a Blacksheep vehicle?

To book nothing simpler: go to our home page. Select the departure agency from which you want to pick up your van and enter your dates. The available vehicles will then be displayed. Choose your vehicle and then your options. You can then settle the down payment of 50% of the total amount. You will then receive a booking confirmation via email.
You can also book and pay by phone by calling Blacksheep on 09 51 38 88 15!

How can I pay?

The down payment of 50% of the total amount of your order is payable in credit card via our website. The remaining balance due is payable on the spot or online before you leave. We accept payments in ANCV holiday cheques, credit cards and cheques.
Payment terms may vary depending on the agency, contact us on 0951388815 to find out what are the arrangements for your departure agency!

What are our days and opening hours?

Our schedules vary according to the agencies! Contact us on 0951388815 to find out, or select the departure agency you are interested in on our homepage: during your booking simulation, you will see the agency's schedules on the right!

What licence does it take to drive a Blacksheep vehicle?

A French driver's licence or issued by a Member State of the European Economic Area (i.e. Member States of the European Union, Iceland, Liechtenstein and Norway) is valid in France. Holders of a permit issued by an external state will be required to present a permit with a photograph, and written in French or accompanied by an official translation. An international driver's license must be accompanied by a national driver's license. The B licence is enough to drive our vehicles.
Holding a "white" or restricted licence, or a declaration of loss or theft of a driver's licence, does not authorize the rental of a vehicle.

How old does it take to rent one of our campervans?

You must be at least 21 years old and have had a driver's licence for at least 2 years to drive a converted van.
For minibuses, you must have 25 years and 3 years minimum permit.

If my booking is cancelled, what happens?

Due to the health crisis, we have put in place a flexibility option that allows you to cancel your booking or postpone your dates until 48 hours before your departure. We keep the money paid as a deposit for 1 year to allow you to leave on other dates!

Here are the classic cancellation conditions:

If you cancel more than 45 days before the vehicle is picked up: 15% of the total rental price will be retained by Blacksheep.

If you cancel between 45 days and 21 days before the vehicle is picked up: 30% of the total rental price will be retained by Blacksheep.

If you cancel less than 21 days before the vehicle is taken over: 50% of the total rental price will be retained by Blacksheep.

If you cancel less than 7 days before the vehicle is picked up: 100% (one percent) of the total booking price

In order to anticipate the unexpected, consider the "cancellation insurance" option which, for only 8 euros/day of rental, allows you to cancel your booking without charge and without withholding up to 7 days before your departure (be careful, the amount of this option remains due no matter what).

What is the minimum number of days to rent a Campervan Blacksheep?

You can rent a minimum of 2 days throughout the year, however in high season (July and August) a minimum of 7 days of rental can be requested according to the agencies. We are again listening to you and any specific request can be processed according to availability.

For rentals of more than a month, please contact us so that we can give you a personalized quote!

Your Road-trip

What to do with my personal car during my road trip?

You can leave your personal car at our depot at no extra cost during your entire rental period, in most of our agencies! To be sure that your departure agency offers it, give us a call on 0951388815, our sales team will give you the info!

What time can I pick up and bring back my Blacksheep campervan during my stay?

You can choose your departure and return schedule when you book, depending on the agency's opening hours. However, in high season our teams may call you to slightly change your departure in order to calibrate the conditions of the place and thus allow you to benefit from your rental as quickly as possible! We like to have you with us, but we'd rather know you're on the road.

What should I bring on the day of departure to the Blacksheep depot?

Each driver must carry a valid driver's licence, as well as a valid national ID card or passport. Please note that we do not accept photocopies of these coins! In addition, you must plan to pay the balance of your order if this has not been done online or over the phone before.

Finally you will have to give us a security deposit cheque (not cashed) or a CB print for a total of 2500 euros.

And don't forget your stuff, it would be silly anyway!

Should I take my own sheets or sleeping bag?

Yes as a hygiene measure Blacksheep does not offer any bedding during rentals. Each person will therefore have to bring his sheets and/or sleeping bag. We also advise you to bring your own pillows, it's still more comfortable and you'll be like home!

We offer optional disposable and biodegradable sheet sets.

Can we bring our dog, cat, hamster or goldfish?

Your favorite pets are welcome in most Blacksheep vans. Some agencies may refuse or ask you for a supplement! Give us a call or email us to find out how your departure agency is going!

However in case of incidents: gnawed seats, kitchen utensils eaten, stains... You will be charged for the amount of damage caused.

How much does the highway with a van cost?

It depends on the vehicles and their size! It is advising you to always switch to either a counter if there is one, or to prefer the terminal without limiting height, just in case

Where can I park with a campervan at night?

In France, and in theory, you can sleep in your van, without any special restrictions. In practice, it's a little different! The parking you choose to spend the night should not be dangerous, annoying or abusive. You must be careful not to be on private property, or if this is the case to have the owner's consent. If it is expressly stated that camping is prohibited because you are in a restricted or classified area, drive a little and find another place! Also check that there are no municipal ordinances that could make your life complicated.

But overall, if there is no visible act of camping, even on public roads, you are in your right to cook and sleep in your van!
Here are two interesting tools to help you find unrivalled spots:

Our free Blacksheep Van app (Android and IPhone)

Where to refuel my campervan?

In most service stations dedicated to motorhomes, but also in conventional service stations! Our advice: check out Park4night to find the service areas closest to you!

PS: cyclist trick, cemeteries always have a watering point, so enjoy it

Can you smoke in Blacksheep vehicles?

No! It is forbidden to smoke in Blacksheep vehicles, you must be outside the campervans to smoke. And it's bad for your health.

Should I make the Blacksheep vehicle clean?

If you have not taken the "End of Stay Housekeeping" option, the interior of the vehicle and all kitchen utensils must be made clean. The exterior must also be rolled or karsher. If you do not have time to clean the vehicle a package will be charged for a complete cleaning (variable amount depending on the agency).

So if you're sure you don't have time to do so, consider the "End-of-stay housekeeping" option! But even with this option, you will be asked that at least the dishes be done, and a little bit of housekeeping if possible anyway

Where can I go to the bathroom?

Flush, Plouf, Where are the toilets, Toilet finders... There are a multitude of apps that allow you to locate toilets nearby! Alternatively, consider supermarkets, where toilets often hide in entrance halls, or simply gas stations.

If you are in the wild, you can obviously do it outside, however there are rules to follow to do this properly! We invite you to consult the guide of our friends Chilowé to find out how to file the balance sheet in the rules of the art: Poop in nature!

We also have optional dry toilets! Think!

Common glitches you may encounter

More gas?

We take care of your gas consumption. We provide you with a gas bottle in the van, but we can't guarantee you the amount left. But don't panic! We reimburse you for the refills upon presentation of a purchase invoice.

My tires are worn out

We make sure to provide you with vehicles that are perfectly ready to hit the road. But if you drive a lot, the tires may have to change. If so, take a picture and send it to us. After study by the production teams, we will guide you to an approved garage to make them change.

I'm dead!

A sidewalk too high, a nail on the road... And it's the puncture! Don't panic. Most vans are equipped with a spare wheel. Get to safety, and change the wheel. These are real wheels, so you can continue your road trip safely. Let us know by phone anyway. If your van doesn't have a spare wheel (it happens on some models) you'll normally have a puncture bomb so you can drive to the nearest garage, and have the wheel changed or repaired.

Dead wheel insurance is only included in the All-In Pack. If you have subscribed to this package, we will reimburse you for the costs incurred. If not, the costs will be your responsibility.

I don't have any more motor oil!

We provide an extra bottle of oil in each van. So you can do the extra (with the cold engine, obviously!). If the bottle is missing in the van, buy one, we will refund the costs incurred upon presentation of the receipt.

I have to refuel Adblue.

All levels are done before you leave. On the other hand, if you drive a lot, you may have to charge the vehicle in Adblue. Buy a bottle and keep the receipt so we can refund you!

Always keep the keys to the vehicle with you!

Our vehicles are equipped with centralized closure, and they all close automatically after a while with the doors closed. Don't fall into the trap (in which many, his others are tombé.es before you): always keep the keys on you to avoid having to break a window to retrieve them, or waste time finding a mechanic with centralized aperture powers. Indeed, it will save you costs (we are not responsible for the fact that you left the keys inside) and also, to waste a lot of time!