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That’s it, it’s soon Christmas. Some will start decorating their living rooms and listening to Christmas songs. Yes yes, we see you. So to save you from buying the last minute gift for Christmas,we offer you 10 gift ideas to help you find the ideal outdoor gift idea.

Among our ideas, you will surely discover THE outdoor gift idea for an adventurer ! You will discover an isothermal bento, a water purifier, a hammock and many other ideas. Are you ready ? So let’s go !

1. As a gift idea to film your outdoor adventures : a GoPro

GoPro 9 noir.

If you know someone who loves filming their adventures, you can give them the GoPro 9. Indeed, for a price of 429,99 €, this adventurer of the extreme will be able to film his adventures and keep memories of them. Could this be the famous outdoor gift idea you’re looking for ?

  • Small and easy to carry.
  • Waterproof.
  • 4k definition (UHD).
  • Video stabilization.
  • Voice controller.

© Fnac

2. A gift card to go by van: the perfect last minute gift for Christmas

idée cadeau outdoor, carte cadeau séjour en van.

Et si vous offriez un road-trip en van aménagé ? En effet, vous pouvez aider un ami ou un membre de votre famille par exemple, à sauter le pas ou à revivre l’aventure en van. Vous pouvez lui offrir une carte cadeau d’une valeur de 100 € à 500 €. Cette idée cadeau pourra faire plaisir à un fan d’outdoor. 😉

  • He can choose to leave whenever he wants.
  • Valid for 1 year from all our Agencies in France and Europe.
  • A gift card avoids the famous last minute gift for Christmas.

3. A rechargeable flashlight and a knife. One of the best Christmas gifts for a woman or man who is an outdoor fan 😉

idée cadeau outdoor, couteau de la marque opinel spécial outdoor.

Une lampe torche et un couteau, c’est l’idée cadeau outdoor, LE starter pack d’un.e ! 🤠

This opinel knife (25 €) is very resistant and allows you to cut all kinds of things, during a road trip or a hike for example. In addition, it also acts as a whistle in case you are in danger. It is also retractable. As for the flashlight (29,95€), it is rechargeable and has 2 levels of brightness and 1 SOS signal.

outdoor gift idea, gray flashlight.
© Nature&Discovered
  • One of the best Christmas gifts for a woman or man who is an outdoor fan.
  • Lightweight lamp (152g), waterproof and resistant, SOS signal.
  • Resistant and multifunctional knife.

© Opinel, Savoie France

4. Polaroid and travel diary for unforgettable memories

idée cadeau outdoor, carnet de voyage.

Offer a travel diary from Aventura Editions (24,90€). Added authenticity to the trip. Indeed, it will bring a little personal touch.

To offer something complete, you can accompany the travel diary with a Polaroid (€99.99) or a portable printer (Fnac price: €119.99). We do not think, we take a picture and it comes out directly from the device (except for the printer). Be sure to also buy the supports, which are often sold separately, to offer a ready-to-use gift.

He will be able to fill his notebook with memories, photos taken with his polaroid or printed thanks to his small printer.

  • Print photos in a few moments.
  • Authenticity and sharing.

© Aventura Editions

5. Give him a personalized gift : a string of lights to brighten up the interior of his vehicle

Guirlande lumineuse multicolore.

A string light is a good gift idea ! We know more outdoor it’s true, but even an adventurer has the right to make his vehicle cocooning. For someone who loves decoration and wants to customize the interior of his vehicle, this is still a good idea.

With the cousin Paul box, you can buy L’Original light strings for €29.90. You also have the choice between different types of garlands : L’Original, Prenium, Guinguette or Veilleuse. If you wish, you can even configure your own garland and thus make it unique for a price of € 25.00 (model L’Original, 20 balls). Bulbs are LED bulbs. The garland to customize measures 1m70 with the choice of putting 20, 35, 50 balls woven by hand.

  • Personalized gift.
  • Cocooning rendering.

© cousin paul’s box

6. Bento, an insulated lunch box to keep your soup or other meal warm

idée cadeau outdoor, bento isotherme noir.

This bento is an insulated lunch box of the Bento brand. This outdoor gift idea is ideal for going on a road trip or hiking. With its compact and lightweight size, it allows the adventurer to easily add it to his backpack or store it in his vehicle. Indeed, composed of stainless steel with a double wall, this insulated lunch box keeps the meal warm and cold until 10am. It has a capacity of 55cl for a price of 44,90 €.

  • This bento combines design, elegance and practicality.
  • BPA-free, BPS-free, 3-year warranty.

© monbento

8. Towel rack go dry. One of the best Christmas gifts for a woman or a man when he goes on a road trip !

idée cadeau outdoor, suspension pour faire sécher sa serviette de plage ou sa combinaison de surf.

This go dry pendant lamp is ideal for drying your belongings in the summer. Surf suit or simply beach towel, just suction cup the suspension on your vehicle. There are no better Christmas gifts for a woman or man who is a fan of surfing, for example. Price: 39,95 €.

  • Easy to install and uninstall.
  • Space saving.
  • Makes it easier to dry your belongings.

© mundo-surf, Always Riding

7. A Hammock to sleep in the middle of nature

idée cadeau outdoor, hamac.

A travel hammock, such as the Bee Lazy Hammock (€29.99), is a good outoor gift idea because it allows you to sleep easily in the middle of nature. It is compact and easy to carry, it will not take up space in the backpack of an adventurer. Then, once deployed, it measures 150 x 320 cm and can accommodate 1 to 2 people. But be careful, before buying a hammock you must check that it suits the person. The position to sleep in a hammock is not suitable for everyone.

  • Allows you to isolate yourself from the ground and therefore from the cold.
  • Especially used in the forest, it allows to be a little more sheltered from the wind or rain and some animals (small and large).

© The Hammock House

9. A water purifier to filter the water and make it drinkable when he/she goes hiking

idée cadeau outdoor, purificateur eau.

A water purifier (57,39 €) allows you to go hiking serenely. Thanks to UV technology, the water is filtered and drinkable. When you go on a trek or bivouac it can happen that you run out of water. A water purifier makes the water drinkable and avoids getting sick if you drink infected water. It’s a bit of a survivalist’s object.

  • Compact and lightweight (186 mm long, 43 mm deep).
  • Up to 3000 liters of purified water.
  • 4 AA alkaline, lithium (commercially available) or rechargeable batteries.
  • Warranty 3 years.

© Nature&Discovered

10. A reusable sponge, for more ecological dishes and a more responsible adventurer

Éponges vaisselle réutilisables.

Et oui on sait que faire la vaisselle n’est pas le meilleur moment de la journée. À la maison ou en road trip, il faut bien y passer. Alors pour rendre ce moment plus écologique et pour un gain de place chez lui comme dans son véhicule aménagé, vous pouvez acheter des éponges à vaisselle réutilisables. On vous conseille la boutique de Josiecreativiti sur Etsy, qui propose des éponges fabriquées main et en France 😉

  • Ecological.
  • Elegant and efficient.
  • Made in France and you support a small business.

© Josiecreativiti

Et voilà, on a terminé de vous présenter nos 10 idées cadeaux pour un.e, édition 2021. On espère que cela vous a permis de trouver THE idée de cadeau outdoor et que vous ne galérerez pas à trouver un cadeau de dernière minute pour Noël 😉 Petit tips pour rendre votre noël plus écologique : vous pouvez emballer vos cadeaux dans des pochettes réutilisables. Effet waow garanti !

19 November 2021