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Road-trip ideas abound but, of course, there is some hesitation when it comes to driving. Fortunately, a road trip france is not as intimidating as you may think!
Rent a suitable car and head to the small country roads to offer you a spectacular view and, unlike a bus tour or train trip, you can stop to marvel at the scenery, or choose the perfect tree under which to picnic! Here are some ideas to inspire you to hit the road this summer for an American adventure!

Note: Take a Michelin France road map. It is clear and easy to read. Most major roads have alternatives via smaller, prettier, and roughly parallel roads.

Hold on! Another note: I suggest itineraries that usually take 3 to 4 days so that you can stop as often as you like, whenever your imagination is struck.

1. South of France: Road-Trip along the coast

Start: Montpellier
End: Nice

There are two possible routes: one through Provence, then dive south to the Nice coast, the other is to follow the coast all the time. Anyway, it’s pretty spectacular – it all depends
what you want to see and do. The road proposed here is the one along the coast. I recommend sleeping near Arles and Marseille before finishing in Nice.

2. South of France Road Trip across Provence

Start: Montpellier
End: Montpellier

From Montpellier, turn your head to the northeast to see the Arena de Nîmes, before spending the night in Avignon. Then use Avignon as a base. From there, go anywhere and choose any route. You will find some of the most beautiful landscapes in France.

3. Red bricks, wine and beaches

This road trip covers the south-west of France: the red-pink bricks of Toulouse’s buildings, the great wines of Bordeaux, and the beaches of Biarritz are your main destinations, creating a triangle. In this triangle, your choices are virtually limitless but you can also focus only on Bordeaux vintages…

4. Totally Road Trip Epic

This route that will take you through many kilometers has many possibilities and offers a good balance between the sites very visited and the places where you will feel like alone in the world! The idea is to make a Paris-Chartres-Le Mans-Rennes-Caen-Rouen-Paris loop.


You can start with the Palace of Versailles and its beautiful gardens, it’s on your way!

While you’re in Chartres to see the UNESCO World Heritage-listed cathedral, take the opportunity to visit the church of Saint-Aignan and buy quiches of game meat on the market – one of the first traditional dishes in French history.

It would be a sin to miss the opportunity to make a pass on the mythical 24h circuit of Le Mans, in the Sarthe which passes partly on a road open to traffic.

Rennes has perfect examples of wooden houses and buildings typical of this region.

Just after, north of Rennes, you arrive at Mont-Saint-Michel. DON’T MISS IT! It is absolutely spectacular.

The beaches of the 1944 Normandy Landing are just above Bayeux. Another must-have! Also go to the War Memorial in Caen.

Then you can cut from Caen to Paris to see a few small towns or pass a little north, in Rouen. Big city that hosts the famous Cathedral painted by Monet. More Monet? Direction Giverny and Vernon which is nestled between two meanders of the Seine,

Top 2 things to do in Normandy: Visit Mont-Saint-Michel (and take great pictures of this iconic site) and visit Rouen Cathedral, the inspiration for Monet’s famous series.

5. Napoleon Road: Road Trip through the mountains

The Napoleon Route is an incredible road, dotted with large golden eagles, to pass from the Alps to the French Riviera. Here is the route: From Grenoble take towards La Mure then Corps, Gap, Sisteron, Digne, Castellane, Saint-Valhier-de-Thiey, Grasse, Cannes and finally Nice.

15 February 2021