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You are at the right place ! Discover our special offers with discount prices to enjoy road trips with small budget 😉

How does it work ?

  • Our exclusive offers are usually “One Way” trips, that means that you start at A point and you arrive at point B. If you need to go back to point A, it will be at your charge, and not with the van. However that is a good way to cross France without waisting time with a round trip !

  • Our good deals are huge discount : usually -30% and even only 1€ for some trips ! Your dream came true !

  • Our 2019 road trip good deals are available until the 26th of April 2019 and have an initial duration of 4 days (for only 1€ ). You want to travel longer ? No problem, that’s possible ! In that case, please contact us directly to or +33 9 51 38 88 15 and we will sent you a proper quote based on your demand ! You will get 30% discount on the total amount of the extra days added to your intial 4 days.  Don’t miss it ! 😉

  • Our 2019 Good Deals are real simple :

    A four day one way road-trip for only 1€ !

    You want to travel longer ? Get 30% discount on the total amount of the extra rental days added to the 4 included in the basic offer, in the limit of a 2 week road trip . Contact us to get your personnalized quote !

  • To book your good deal, you have two options :

    • you are interested in a good deal and want to go for a road trip between 1 and 4 days ? Book your good deal online by clicking on the good deal of your choice (vehicle and destination).
    • you are interested in a good deal but you want to travel more than 4 days ? Contact us to get the appropriate quote as soon as possible !

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Contact us : +33 (0)9 51 38 88 15 or at

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Our good deals are authomatically based on 4 days (or less).
You are interested in traveling longer ? Call us +33 9 51 38 88 15 or send us an email !

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