The Blacksheep Van good deals - Campervan Rental in France and Europe

You’re looking for good deals ?

You are at the right place ! Discover our special offers with discount prices to enjoy road trips with small budget 😉

How does it work ?

  • Our exclusive offers are usually « One Way » trips, that means that you start at A point and you arrive at point B. If you need to go back to point A, it wil be at your charge, and not with the van. However that is a good way to cross France without waisting time with a round trip !

  • Our good deals are huge discount : usually -50% and even only 1€ for some trips ! Your dream came true !

  • For each good deal, we give you the date from which the van is available and the maximum deadline when you have to drop off the van. If ever you are not available for the whole time you can adjust th dates, as long as it remains between the official dates.

  • The prices change according to the period of the trip (week or weekend) and the length. If you ask for adjusted date, then we could actually also adjust the price depending on the period and the length you choose.

  • To book your good deal, you need to send us an email to or to call us at +33 (0)9 51 38 88 15. Don’t wait any longer ! 😉

Book your good deal !

Contact us : +33 (0)9 51 38 88 15 or at

There are no more special One Way offers for the moment … but stay tuned as they can come any time ! 😉 








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