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Do you want to travel and discover new landscapes in a campervan? But you’re wondering how to limit your environmental impact on a road trip? This article is for you!
The increase in the level of CO2 in the atmosphere has a negative impact on the environment. This increase contributes significantly to global warming and changes in the marine environment. It is therefore necessary to react before it is too late …
That’s why Blacksheep is trying to raise awareness of the impact that a road trip can have. Of course, there is no question here of making you feel guilty! Yes, driving in a campervan can be a source of pollution. But several actions exist to reduce this negative impact during your road trip. So we’ve made you a little compilation of simple steps to put in place. Applied during your road trip, these actions will allow you to limit your environmental impact!

1. Save water

Savingwater is essential to limit your environmental impact. When you go on a road trip,the water in the tanks is limited. For example, regulate your shower, or kitchen time to preserve water. It will save you from refueling too often! The app RefillMyBottle is very convenient for finding the nearest water point.

Beware of draining used water or the contents of your chemical/dry toilets! Don’t empty them anywhere to limit your impact on theenvironment! There are places specially dedicated to this purpose: service areas or in campsites. Be sure to evacuate your grey water (water from your dishes, sink…) in the reserved space. The contents of your toilets are emptied at the designated black water area.

Also, choose to buy water cans (5L or more) rather than a pack of bottles. They are easily found in supermarkets and can fill up quickly afterwards. This alternative will allow you to reduce your plastic consumption! For more info, check out our (super) article on hygiene!

2. Respect the environment

Be sure to limit your environmental impact during your road trip. Respect the environment around you: no wildfires, abandoned waste… Pay particular attention to the composition of your sunscreen. Find out if it is respectful of the ecosystems in the water. There are several brands on the market such as PraΓ―a , Biarritz Laboratory or Breathe.

3. Adopt zero waste

Try to go to zero waste by choosing natural and environmentally friendly hygiene products. You can go see our recipes to make your own green products. πŸ˜‰ There are kitchen accessories like bee wrap to replace food film. Be aware that producing less waste allows you to better manage your trash can.

4. Compensate for your CO2 emissions

You can calculate your ecological impact by informing the number of km driven by a converted van. To compensate for your CO2 emissions,you can participate in different projects. There are several options available to you: help plant trees, support associations… Thus, your road trip will have a neutral impact on the environment πŸ˜‰

5. Eat local

Plan a few provisions for the first meals but try to eat localas much as possible. When travelling, focus on local markets or producers over supermarkets. In addition to having quality products, you can discover local products.

6. Abandon plastic

Avoid single-use plastic objects to abandon plastic. Forget plastic bottles! Prefer gourds (like that Blacksheep, in addition it is insulated) or a mug. Leave out the plastic cutlery and choose reusable ones instead…

We’ll let you watch the contents of our dishwashing crate. There is everything you need to cook during your stay in a converted van! There is no need to provide plastic cups or other disposable plates. Tip: Tupperwares are your best allies to store and transport your food!

kitchen van crate

7. Re-use packaging

You pay attention to overpacking but you still end up with plastic bags after the races? It doesn’t matter! Re-use the packaging as garbage bags in the van or during your hikes πŸ™‚ Do the same for all the little bags!

8. Focus on eco-friendly activities

At Blacksheep, we are passionate about outdoor activities. Nature is our playground and we want to preserve it! We advise you to focus on eco-friendly activities to limit your environmental impact. For example, on your road trip,paddle rather than jet-ski. When embarking on a trail or hike, pay attention to the environment around you. Also, don’t hesitate to pick up any garbage you may find on your way.

9. Travel as light as possible

The more clothes you take, the more fuel you will consume. Leave all the “you never know” items at home. Focus on the essentials to travel as light as possible. You can check out our article on how to organize your road-trip andvan Essential to take πŸ˜‰

10. For smokers, watch out for your butts

If you smoke and never know where to put your butts, plan a small bag (your pasta bag for example). Make Watch out for your butts to be sure they don’t end up in the wild. We think of a pocket ashtray for more practicality. But one Mint candy box or a small glass jar, type small jam jar works too!

Try to limit your environmental impact also on a daily basis and not just on the road trip! Many of these tips can be applied in everyday life in order to preserve our planet. We count on you to follow these recommendations, respect nature and make an eco-responsible road trip in a van! πŸ˜‰

15 February 2021