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By seeing pictures of heavenly places on social networks, you’re probably thinking, and why not me? The only problem is that the words road trip, van laid out, adventure or exploration are not (yet) really part of your vocabulary.

Don’t know how to organize your road trip or how to plan it? Do not worry! This article is just for you and we have put together all the elements to contribute to the success of your trip!

If the most adventurous like to go on an adventure only with their backpack, without preparing anything, to live an unpredictable experience… At Blacksheep, you are advised to prepare a minimum your road trip while remaining very flexible as it is the main charm to go on holiday in campervan!

Here are some tips for planning your road trip:

Choose the destination and duration of the road trip

Step one: choose the country and places you want to visit. More oriented. Sea? Nature? City? One of the main advantages of camping is the total freedom of the itinerary. You are master of your destination. To give you road trip ideas, check out our road trips page written by the Blacksheep team or travel blogs like The Roadtrippers.

As for the duration, it all depends on your project and your desires: a weekend, a week, a few months, a few years or even turn the van into a main residence! It’s up to you…

Another major element: the choice of travel partners. Alone, as a couple, as a family or as a friend? It is essential to choose the right people to go with because during these few days or a few weeks… you will be obliged to rub shoulders with H24 in a limited space and this can sometimes become complicated… Be sure to establish rules of life from the beginning to avoid having to separate after 2 days.

Set the itinerary of your trip

Once you’ve chosen your destination, draw your inspiration from travel blogs, your acquaintances who have already gone there, or travel guides(the Backpacker, Lonely Planet). Make a list of places where you’re interested. Then you can make a route by recording the places in Google Maps. There are also apps to help you with your route such as Roadtrippers, or the Website The Counter-Sense Planner website. We do not advise you to plan all the stages of your road trip because the interest of this road trip is also the excitement of the unknown and adventure! The idea is rather to organize the major steps or points of interest that you absolutely want to see to give you a common thread but also leave you a leeway. Don’t hesitate to do some trip simulations to see how long it takes to connect an A-point to a B point and be sure that all your desires are feasible on your road trip.

A word of advice: two essential tools not to forget to succeed your road trip, take a GPS or use the GPS of your phone and a road map paper version just (because you never know if there is no network)…

Estimate the budget of your road trip in a converted van

This is surely THE subject that can annoy in the organization of a road trip but also the most important so as not to find yourself bothered.e and broke.e … It is essential to make an assessment of the budget you’ll need: food (shopping and possible restaurants), diesel (remember that a converted van consumes more than a conventional car), tolls, extras (leisure). Also make money in case there is a technical problem with the vehicle and you are immobilized. To avoid this inconvenience, we advise you to always take out an insurance package to avoid unpleasant surprises in the event of an accident. And if there is an accident, always fill in a statement!

Tip: always leave a little liquid inside your van (but well hidden anyway) in case you lose your wallet, so you don’t end up “on the street and without a penny”.

What essentials to take to your campervan?

We had written an article on the essential things to take on a road trip but we would like to clarify:

Practical tips on your road trip

We hope that this article will have helped you plan your road trip in campervan and you’re ready to Go on an adventure! Again, even if you can organise your trip to a minimum, don’t hesitate to get out of your routine… Let yourself be carried away by the adventures that will present themselves during your road trip!

If you have any questions or would like to book your van, please contact us on 033 (0)9 51 38 88 15, by email: or directly on our website.

10 December 2020