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After two months of confinement spent from our sofa with ruined travel plans, it’s time to allow yourself to dream of an outdoor getaway! What could be better than a van road trip designed to combine the comfort of your sofa (or almost) and the freedom to go wherever you want when you want?

This idea tempts you but you still have a lot of questions about hygiene in a van? “Are we going to have to wash in the lakes?” “Where and how do we do our needs?” After reading this little guide, we hope that anything that bothers you will give way to a sudden desire to prepare your things and leave as soon as possible in a van!

How to prepare before the big departure?

Before you leave, consider a toiletries: shower gel and shampoo preferably biodegradable to avoid pollution if you intend to shower in nature, as well as a towel (prefer in microfibre so that it dries faster and takes up less space).

For days when showering is impossible especially because of the weather, many swear by baby wipes for an express toilet. We admit that it is a solution that can be practical in van but be careful to throw them in the trash and not in nature!

Our favorite (and eco-friendly) alternative: the toilet glove! Just as convenient, it allows you to keep a good hygiene or just to wash after a hike. Very easy to maintain, just rinse it and spread it in the van for it to dry and it’s gone again.

10 December 2020