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Lille, France

Lille, the big city at all up there in France

With its 230 000 inhabitants Lille is the largest city in northern France. Close to Belgium with whom it maintains strong and solid exchange, Lille has become a major focus of European trade.

You’re a road that started triper Blacksheep your rental Lyon or Bordeaux and you roll with your Volkswagen T5 Campervan this morning when finally you arrive in the French North. It’s raining it’s normal, had to leave in Corsica mom. That said reassure you, the van is equipped with auxiliary heating so as not to curdle you toes at night. File between the drops dreamed to find the location on the outskirts of the city. Blacksheep advise you to use the app to find you Park4Night a keeper quiet without taking your head. It is free to phone, tablet or computer (happy telechnology sisi the family). You’re installed, the van in the shade (especially if it rains), put on your shoes or your socks pair of sneakers, one for a spin.

The city is charming and the atmosphere is lively. Old Lille was restored today it is very beautiful and typical architecture of the region is superb. Guided tours of Lille cost a little less than € 10. Either you choose using a guide or we had played freestyle but then you open your eyes! Like any old center hidden corners are the most interesting. Monuments reflecting history are numerous: the Palais Rihour, the Vieille Bourse, Rang du Beauregard and the Cathedral Notre-Dame de la Treille. Take a tour to the Grand Place, appointment of Lille obliged to spend some time in the late afternoon or enjoy the evening atmosphere, the place comes alive on Saturday night in a big party. So take a pack of particularly delicious beers in the corner, and you go to blend into the crowd of revelers!

See also: City Hall and its belfry, the Citadel, the modern part of Euralille, the market the books of the Old Stock Exchange Tuesday to Sunday, the Wazemmes market (largest in France) …

Lille is a very good step for a road trip in the North of France or for a great expedition in Scandinavia. You decide how far you will take your van Blacksheep, expect him to follow you without bitching. Blacksheep Van awaits you at Lyon or Bordeaux for renting a furnished rental van or a minibus to discover the French Nord, Belgium, Germany, Holland or Kurdistan. Soon the road tripers.