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Campervan Mini

From $79/day


Diesel - manual or automatic transmission

2 beds

5 places

Built-in shower and optional toilet

4.87m x 1.83m x 1.89m

Go on a getaway for two

How many seats are there for the rental of this mini van?

The rental of this mini van is for 2 people, with its double bed (115x200 cm) and its 5 seats. The mini-van is the ideal solution to visit France on a small budget. It is the ideal companion for unforeseen weekends and adventurers; but also for those who are not comfortable driving a "big" van. Its compact size allows it to go unnoticed and behave exactly like a car. The Campervan Mini offers plenty of room to sleep comfortably.

What equipment is provided for the rental of this minivan?

The mini-van has the right equipment to have a comfortable stay. Air conditioning, car radio with touch screen, USB port, parking assist system, controller and speed limiter... You can also sit comfortably outside; it has an outdoor table and 2 folding chairs (2 additional stools possible). The rental of this mini van is perfect for road-trips as a couple and/or between friends.

For your hygiene, we have everything planned in this mini camper van!

You are guaranteed good hygiene during your road trip with the equipment provided. The converted minivan has a removable, foldable sink, a built-in shower and a 2x12L clean water supply.

Your kitchen space in the Blacksheep minivan!

You can keep your food in the cooler provided in the rental of this mini van. Prepare gourmet dishes with our 2-light gas cooking module.

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