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It’s new … the mobile office!

It’s new … the mobile office! 4137 2758 Blacksheep Van


Here at Blacksheep, we give you the opportunity to rent camper vans to help you realise your greatest adventures… But we also thought of professionals and have developed a solution to guide them in their need of mobility and professional trips!

The Minibus

Rent a minibus for your professional trips: a vehicle adjustable to your needs!

Amongst our vehicles, all of our agencies have minibuses for rent with variable capacities, from 6 to 9 seats. They can be driven with a regular driving license! Whether for personal trips (weddings, family reunions, sports outings) or for professional trips (company meetings, commercial tours or seminars), discover the high-end transportation and the driving comfort of the Volkswagen Confort Line Minibuses.

Our vehicles are adaptable to your needs:

  • 9 seat configuration to transport your sports team
  • 6 seat configuration with a large trunk to easily transport all your professional equipment


Working differently… Why not?

Why not work in a van? Nature, unusual and original places will let your creativity run free!

As a freelance, go work wherever you want or a day or longer. Many possibilities are open to you, as our mobile offices are equipped with beds (if you need a rest) and a stationary heating to feel completely “at home”!

Commercial Tour, Roadshow, nomad freelancer: choose the appropriate mobile office solution!

To meet the needs of new “free” workers, Blacksheep imagined new quick and easy transport solutions for professionals, by bringing a new vision of professional mobility through a workspace never seen before.

It is now possible to rent a mobile office for your professional mobility! Why? To be able to move and go meet your clients and partners, all the while benefiting for a pleasant and comfortable workspace. Drive around in a Volkswagen van and enjoy a travelling and flexible office.

3 mobile office models:

The California Pro: equipped office with a kitchen area, comfortable seats, pop-up roof so that you can stand up and access the upper bed. This compact vehicle will go everywhere and is easily parked!

The Explorer Pro: equipped office with a kitchen area, two double beds and the possibility to stand up with its 2m60 roof. A true living space, but with wheels!

The Black-Up Pro: equipped office with kitchen area, pop-up roof and upper bed. Its four motion wheels will give you access to any place you want.

A fully-equipped nomad office:

The Blacksheep Van mobile office is a perfectly equipped workspace: 24 inch screen that you can plug to your laptop or tablet, printer/scan/copy, wifi (to be connected anywhere), water tank, electricity, a fridge to offer a fresh drinks to your clients, and a pod coffee maker.

These offices will allow you to work comfortably and peacefully wherever you want, to host your clients and partners, meet them or even organise seminars off the beaten tracks.

During your exhibitions and events, this equipped and closed office will allow you to work in a quiet environment. With a hosting capacity of 3 people, this space will turn into a mobile meeting room to facilitate exchanges and trips.

A personalized office !

A mobile office with your colours…it is possible! The vans can be partially or completely covered with a design of your choice, in order to emphasize your logo or any other design. You can also optimize the visibility of your brand on events or exhibitions with complementary option packs (banners, desk, magnetic signs).

How does it work?

On the Blacksheep Van Mobile Office and Minibus Rental website (, you only have to pick your departure agency and then choose the mobile office of your choice. For any specific request or covering option, please contact us directly by phone at +339 51 38 88 15 or by email at

Let your imagination run wild and become a nomad worker!