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You've always dreamed of going on a ski touring trip in the vastness of the mountains. "Make" a summit and above all a memorable descent in a natural setting preserved (and especially in a field of virgin little!) safely. The campervan will allow you to go to the best place when it is up to you to "make the powder speak".

Coached by a guide, a mountain professional, learn to ski hiking safely.

At night, enjoy the comfort and friendliness of our vans equipped with stationary heating. The ski touring trip includes 2 days of hiking ski accompaniment with the guide. This stay is suitable for those who are just starting out and who want to learn how to ski touring.

Technical details

It is possible to extend the stay (rental of campervan and equipment) independently (without the guide).

DEPART ALL WEEK-END - Confirmation of stay 24 hours after booking check-in.

From the Blacksheep agency in Lyon, TTC price per person, max. Three people. by campervan and max. 2 campervans (or 6 people) per guided group.

Number of campervans rented by number of participants (included in price):

1 to 3 people - 1 campervan
4 to 6 people - 2 campervans

Campervans are specially equipped for the winter: stationary heating, snow tires and snow chains provided (roof bars on Campervan California). Everything is planned to make you spend a stay in ski touring in comfort and friendliness!

The Mountain Guide has its own vehicle.





The price includes and does not include the following services:


  • A van with stationary heating for 2-3 people 3 days and 2 nights
  • Unlimited mileage and all-risk insurance (with deductible at 2400 euros per claim)
  • Vehicle equipment for snow (chains, snow tires, raclette...)
  • Roof bar on the vehicle (optional roof box on California only)
  • 2.5 days of coaching by a Mountain Guide
  • Hot down with hygienic sheet
  • The kiff to live an unforgettable moment

Not included

  • Meals (Food-pack optional - you're the one cooking!)
  • Fuel for the vehicle and road charges (tolls, parking...)
  • The rental of ski equipment for hiking and shoes (optional available)
  • Mandatory rental of security equipment (Arva, Pelle, Optional Available Probe)
  • Franchise buyout (Vehicle Insurance Packs)
  • Transportation to the departure agency
  • Repatriation insurance in the event of a mountain accident
  • Everything that is not specified in "Included"

What you need to put in your backpack:

  • A "breathable" ski outfit (jacket and trousers) such as softshell or windstopper, windproof waterproof jacket
  • Sunscreen (glass and cream)
  • A warm mountain outfit for the evening (down jacket..)
  • Warm and breathable clothes (sticky, fleece, breathable T-shirt...)
  • High-rises shoes for walking in the snow
  • 3 pairs of warm socks
  • Front with spare battery
  • Cap / headband, neck cover, gloves and ski mask
  • Helmet and front
  • Footwear and ski touring (optional)
  • Safety equipment (Arva, Pelle, Optional Available Probe)
  • A backpack - 30 litres
  • Opinel, Thermos and Gourde and energy bars
  • All your goodwill
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The trip seen by our customers


Introducing the guide

Sam is a professional mountain guide trained at ENSA in Chamonix.

Why are we offering this offer?

The "Chasing powder" is the essence of Blacksheep: to be reactive, free and to go where it is good to ride, at the right time. Edouard "Dude" and Sylvain "Budy", friends and fellow climbers, founders of Blacksheep, started van rental in 2011 with the goal of offering customers a tool, to enjoy all the playgrounds offered by Mother Nature. This tool is the van fitted out.
Today, Blacksheep goes further by sharing its know-how in the organization of packaged mountain stays acquired with its Blacksheep-igloo activity (meal and night in Igloo) and its passion for outdoor sports. This ski touring package is ideal for discovering and learning about hiking in the best possible conditions. This packaged stay is offered to those who are comfortable skiing and who wish to start skiing safely.


With our vehicles, we offer franchise buyout packs to reduce your financial liability in the event of a responsible accident. We do not offer insurance for sports activities.


The guide is the only one empowered to decide the program and the possible cancellation of the service if the weather does not allow a satisfactory level of safety. In this case, the customer will be offered a postponement date.

Special meals / allergies

If you have a particular diet, we recommend that you do not select a Food-pack. Plan your own meals.

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