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Biathlon in Chartreuse

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Technical fact sheet

  • 2 to 4 adults and children

  • Easy, accessible to as many people as possible, children and adults, even beginners and any healthy person.

  • Cross-country skiing and biathlon training by a state-certified instructor

  • Weekend Semi-guided van
  • 3 days and 2 nights
  • Travelling while roaming

Discovery of the Chartreuse

Introduction to cross-country skiing and biathlon

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Start and end at the agency of Rillieux La Pape in Lyon


The van from Friday to Sunday


Stay with a couple, friends or family


Desire for freedom, nature and autonomy

In the footsteps of Martin Fourcade

Just because you don't have lifts doesn't mean you can't enjoy the joys of snow!

The Biathlon races have punctuated your winter, quietly sitting on your couch under your plaid? It's time to put all these moments of theory into practice!

On the program, the discovery of the sumptuous massif of the Chartreuse, territory jealously guarded by the Chartreux monks, who from the top of their monastery remain the guardians of the recipe of this excellent liqueur with 130 plants with international renown. It is not the life of the monks that we offer you to try but that of the greatest athletes of Biathlon.

During 2 days of initiation on well-maintained and adapted tracks, you will be able to acquire the basics of this discipline with a qualified instructor who will teach you the techniques to be comfortable in autonomy.

But that's not all, says Biathlon, also says no shooting! Armed with your rifle graciously made available, it will be up to you to make the powder speak in order to bring down the targets.


Day 1 - En route to La Chartreuse

You are at the beginning of your weekend of escapism and learning about Biathlon. Visit our Blacksheep agency in Rillieux La Pape to hand you the keys to your travel partner this weekend.

Our receptionist will show you your vehicle, its operation and its specifics in order to take the road safely.

Your weekend food will already be loaded in the vehicle fridge. Whatever happens to you, you'll have something to sustain yourself!

Once the presentation is complete, it's on the road, heading for the Chartreuse massif and more precisely the Col de Porte. We advise you to follow the highway to the exit of Voiron and then take the small mountain roads that will lead you to the summits.

A maze of fir trees is offered to you, they line this splendid road that leads you to the edges of the Chartreuse massif. Head to the Col de Porte where you can easily find a spot to sleep in peace


Day 2 - Skis are on- technique tweaking!

After a beautiful night in your heated van, you open your eyes in absolute calm in the middle of a beautiful snowpack. We heat the water, prepare the drink and have a good breakfast to gain strength, the day promises to be sporty!

You have an appointment with our provider to begin your introduction to cross-country skiing. On the program this morning: leg-up to familiarize yourself with the equipment. Your instructor will be at your side to teach you the right things and be able to progress quickly.

In the afternoon, serious things begin... To you the Olympics!

You will have to give effort and precision, in small groups you will take advantage of the emulation of the latter to take you to the game of shooting with a 22LR rifle. One goal: to bring down the targets.

The day is already over, you return to the van to warm up with a small tea and a well-deserved snack.

We change the spot, just to be prê the next day to prove it ...


Day 3 - It's up to you!

Second night in your travel companion! We're not that bad with heating and cold downs!

Always the same wonder, the snow in quantity, the calm and the mountains as far as the eye can see.

Today, you put into practice the courses of the previous day, in total autonomy. We invite you to explore the cross-country ski slopes of La Ruchère, you can vary the pleasures and set your way by snowshoe through the many marked routes in order to evolve safely.

Once the weary handlebars and the mirettes are filled with memories, it's time to hit the road home.

Take the opportunity to change the road and pass through the Pas du Frou, a sumptuous corbelled road overlooking the lively Guiers.

That's not all, but what do we eat?

Here's the menu:

Of course, continental breakfasts are planned for the morning and the aperitif for the return to the van in the evening! You are also provided with food to regain strength between activities.



Prices are TTC per person departing from The Blacksheep agency in Lyon

From €299 per person

The price includes:

  • A van with stationary heating for 2 to 4 people for 3 days and 2 nights
  • Unlimited mileage and all-risk insurance (with a deductible of 2400 euros per claim)
  • Vehicle equipment for winter conditions (snow tires, chains, raclette...)
  • Hot downs -20 degrees and sanitary sheets
  • Food for the weekend
  • J2 cross-country ski and biathlon lessons by a qualified instructor
  • The loan of the rifle and consumables for biathlon
  • 24-hour French-speaking assistance
  • A briefing on the camping equipment available and the technical aspects of your van
  • Snowshoes to vary the pleasures!

The price does not include:

  • Fuel in your vehicle as well as tolls and parking
  • Meals and drinks not included in the Food Pack
  • Ski passes and rental of cross-country ski equipment
  • Transfers until your van is handed over
  • Franchise buyout (vehicle insurance packages)
  • Repatriation insurance in the event of a mountain accident
  • Anything not specified in "included"


Our website allows for a secure online booking. At registration you pay the entire stay, we then contact you to inform you of the various elements and provider of the stay. Settlement possible also by transfer, cheque and ANCV

Our insurance packs

Basic Pack

200 km per day, 24/7 assistance in Europe with a deductible of 600 euros per claim and 150 euros for ice breakage, I puncture insurance is not included. Only one insured driver.


Roady Pack

unlimited km, 24/7 assistance in Europe with a deductible of 600 euros per claim, puncture insurance is not included. Two drivers are insured.



unlimited km, 24/7 assistance in Europe with a deductible of 300 euros per claim, puncture insurance is included. Multiple insured drivers


Technical info


Friday afternoon at the agency Blacksheep Van de Rillieux-La-Pape


Sunday evening at the agency Blacksheep Van de Rillieux-La-Pape

By car at:

430 Rue du Companet - 69140 Rillieux La Pape
You can park your vehicle in our closed car park during your stay

By public transport:

Via the C2 bus stop "Companet" then 5 minutes walk to reach the rendezvous point

Specificity related to the van

Your vehicle

You will be driving a California Comfort or An Explorer van. The vehicles are new and regularly maintained, you will have all the modern comforts and driving aids needed for your safe and comfortable ride.

Specific equipment

Your vehicle will be equipped with snow tires, snow chains and a raclette to face the weather in peace.




You sleep in your converted van for the duration of the stay. You can opt to sleep in the wild, on campervan areas or in a campsite at your own expense.
We recommend places to sleep through our partner Park4night.
You benefit from a stationary heating in the van to sleep warm, we also provide you with a cold down per person as well as an over-draps more commonly called "meat bag".
You get disposable sheets and pillows in the van.


We provide you with your food pack so you can cook during your stay. Initially, the food will be in the van, no need to shop for the weekend.

Special Meals/Allergy

If you have a specific diet or are allergic to certain foods please let us know so that we can adapt your Food Pack.


It is possible to take portable toilets as an option


We ask you to carry out the cleaning in the van before returning it, any vehicle made dirty will be charged 59 euros.

Takeaway material


Choose a flexible travel bag, the storage space is reduced in a van so it is best to travel light. A second type backpack of 20 to 30 liters to carry your personal belongings

Small personal equipment

Specific material

Why this stay

Edouard "Dude" and Sylvain "Budy", friends and fellow climbers, founders of Blacksheep, started van rental in 2011 with the goal of offering customers a tool, to enjoy all the playgrounds offered by Mother Nature. This tool is the van fitted out.
Today Blacksheep goes further by sharing its know-how in the organization of packaged mountain stays acquired with its Blacksheep Igloo activity (meal and night in Igloo) and its passion for outdoor sports. This formula is ideal for discovering the mountain and its activities in the best possible conditions.