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Today, check out our tips for going on a road trip in winter in a campervan! Despite the cold, winter is a great time to go on an adventure. It is an opportunity to discover the landscapes from a new angle and covered with a white coat. Take advantage of the roads and places of interest deserted by tourists to admire the calm and beauty of nature.

In addition to the tranquillity, going on a road trip in winter is also cheaper than in the summer season. You won’t have to pay a rental in the ski resorts or in the mountains… While enjoying maximum freedom!

But before you leave, you need a minimum of organization not to be surprised by the cold. In our previous article, we presented you our list of essentials. This time, we give you our tips for going on a road trip in winter… Like driving in the snow, thinking about your equipment or preparing your itinerary.

1. Driving in the snow: adapt your driving

During your road trip in winter,you will have to adapt your driving. Our tips for driving in the snow are:

2. Plan your road trip

In winter, some roads may be inaccessible due to the weather. Be sure to find out where you want to go to avoid this inconvenience. This is also the case for where you are going to sleep. Sometimes it’s more complicated to find a spot under 50 cm of snow! Check out our tips for preparing your road trip itinerary.

Tip: if you’re going skiing, going on a road trip in winter in a converted van is a good opportunity. Park at the foot of the stations to be as close as possible to the slopes the next morning.

3. Use stationary heating in the van

An important tip on the road trip in the winter: turn on the heating of the van. At night or even during the day, the temperature can quickly drop to below 0°C. Use the stationary heating of your van to warm up and avoid freezing overnight! Be sure to monitor your fuel level and refuel often enough.

Find stationary heating in California and also in the Explorer. To start heating in California, go to the dashboard menu (Stationary Heating), you’ll find two modes:

Warning: warm air comes out at the front seats. So avoid cluttering out with your bags or belongings.

When it is about heating in the Explorer, don’t hesitate to ask our team when you leave.

4. Showering in a van: use spas, resort pools

With very low temperatures, it’s hard to shower outside with the water from the van… We advise you to take advantage of spas or swimming pools during your stops to give you breaks. You can also go to a campsite or service area to wash. Find all our tips for showering in a van in our article.

5. Have the necessary equipment

You don’t go on a road trip in winter to the mountains or snow… without snow tires! Remember to check that your van is equipped (just ask us)… The chains will also be useful if you end up with a good thickness. To remember nothing before going on a road trip this winter,check out our list of essentials.

6. Regularly plow the van

Because the snow piling up on the van, it’s never very good. Remember to plow the roof and around the van as soon as you can.

7. Adopt the Hygge

The “hygge” or the feeling of well-being linked to a friendly and warm atmosphere. This is surely the recipe for Danish happiness. Our advice to improve your road trip: adopt the Danish way of life. Don’t hesitate to arrange your van with light garlands, big socks… And rest after your day of road trip with a hot chocolate, a glass of wine (to be consumed in moderation)!

8. Enjoy less crowded places

In the summer, we know that the best spots are often taken by storm by tourists, riders … The advantage of going on road trip inwinteris that there are many less people! So you can enjoy the best scenery without the crowds. It’s also an opportunity to discover landscapes you may have seen before. But this time in winter version and covered in white.

9. Aerate the van

Your van is a bit like your home. You have to think about airing it every day to renew the air. This helps to limit the humidity level inside as well as reduce bad odors (especially the kitchen). Above all, it reduces the risk of disease and this is important at this particular time.

10. Take your time

Going on a road trip in a van in thewinteris to take your time. You won’t always be able to go as fast as you want! This is especially so if you are taking small snowy roads or with ice. But on the bright side, your passengers will have more time to admire the beautiful scenery through the window.

Now you’re on your way to a road trip this winter in a campervan! Need more information or advice for a road trip under the snow? Please contact us by email or by phone at 33 9 51 38 88 15. See you very soon on the snowy roads!

15 February 2021