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What do we mean by personal data?

We are talking about data that can identify you or that could be used for that purpose. This is your first name, name, email address, contact information, and how you use our website.


We can store information on your computer in the form of cookies. Cookies allow you to record information about your browsing prior to visiting our website or on our website (the pages you have visited, the date and time of consultation, etc.). We will be able to read this information on your next visits.
In addition, implants a cookie into your computer, which records information about your browsing on our website and stores information you entered during your visit.

The cookies we use are:
- Google Adwords: This cookie allows us to save your settings when you log into our website through our Google ads, and track how you access certain pages.
- Google Analytics: This cookie allows us to save information about the pages you visit. This allows us to improve your daily user experience.
- Google Tag manager: this cookie allows us to record information while browsing our website and optimize our content to offer you a better read.
- Facebook Pixel: This cookie allows us to record conversions to our facebook ads and create retargeting audiences to help you find the product you need. Google Adwords

Your personal information

At Blacksheep we want our users and customers to have confidence in us. That's why we don't sell your personal information to other services. Your information is only used by Blacksheep to provide you with services that match you and respond to what you're looking for.
The information related to the van booking is stored at a third-party service, CheckFront, you can view their privacy policy by clicking here ( We have ensured that they do not exploit or resell your personal data. Bank card data is stored on a secure payment platform.

Obtaining and using personal information

When you browse, we only collect data related to your route on our site. This allows us to constantly evolve our site and offer you services that meet your needs. This data is collected by Google Analytics. This third-party service records your IP address and your journey on our website. This data is not sold to other services. If you want to prevent the collection and use of this information, you can install a plugin available at this address:
If you book a van on our website, you will then need to provide the necessary information (name, first name, email, phone, postal address, driver's license number).
If you would like to receive our great newsletter, you will need to provide this information: name, first name, email address.

Disclosure to third parties

We do not sell, exchange or transfer your personally identifiable information to third parties. This does not include trusted third parties who help us operate our website or manage our business, as long as those parties agree to keep that information confidential.

Protecting information

We implement a variety of security measures to preserve your personal information. The servers used (1 and 1) to store your information are kept in a secure environment. We also protect your information offline.

Your data protection rights

In accordance with the law, you have the right in certain circumstances to:

Ask for your information to find out if we have any personal information.
Ask for your information to be corrected and updated.
Ask for your personal data to be deleted.
Oppose the processing of your information. Please be aware that if you do not wish to pass on your information, we will not be able to book a van about you.
Withdraw your consent, you can stop receiving emails from us, for this you can opt out by clicking on the link "unseal" at the bottom of the newsletter, or send us the request by email to
If you have a request for your personal data, please contact us by email at this address:

Your agreement

By using our great website, you agree that we can get and use the information you give us.

Changes to privacy policy

Our privacy policy may change over the course of the year and under new laws regarding the handling of personal data.

Blacksheep respects your privacy.

In order to improve your experience on our site and with your consent, we use cookies to store and access the data of visitors to our site.

You can customize the processing of your data by clicking on the “Configure” button.

Accept or configure to continue browsing the site.

Personalize your cookies

We use different types of cookies to optimize your experience on our website. You can choose the types of cookies to allow and learn more about their uses . Remember that disabling cookies may affect your website experience!

Google Analytics

Google Analytics nous permet d’enregistrer des informations sur les pages que vous visitez. Cela nous permet d’améliorer votre expérience utilisateur au quotidien.


Ce cookie nous permet d’enregistrer des informations lors de votre navigation sur notre site internet et d’optimiser nos contenus pour vous offrir une meilleure lecture.

Google Tag manager

Cet outil nous permet de créer des annonces qui sont diffusées sur le web pour toucher les internautes intéressés par nos produits.


Cet outil nous permet de comprendre votre parcours sur le site et d'analyser les points qui pourraient nous permettre d'optimiser votre expérience.

facebook pixel

Ce cookie nous permet d’enregistrer les conversions de nos publicités facebook et de créer des audiences de reciblage pour vous aider à trouver le produit dont vous avez besoin.