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What does personal data mean ?

It is data that allows to identify you or that could be used to this purpose. It could be your first name, last name, e-mail address, your contact information, and the way you use internet.



We can store data on your computer as cookies. Cookies enable to save information related to your browsing on our website (the pages you visited, the date and hours). We can read this information for your next visit on our website.

In addition, implant a cookie on your computer that saves the data related to your navigation on our website and stores information that you entered throughout your visit.


Personal data

At Blacksheep, we want our users and clients to trust us. That is why we don’t sell your personal data to other services. Your information is only used by Blacksheep in order to offer services that fit your needs and what you are looking for.

Data that is related to the van bookings are stored by a third party, CheckFront – you can consult their privacy policy by clicking here ( We made sure that they don’t exploit and sell your personal data. Credit card data is saved in a secure payment platform.


Personal data acquisition and use.

During your navigation, we only collect data related to your visit on our website. This allows us to constantly enhance our website and offer you services that suit your needs. This data is collected by Google Analytics. This third party saves your IP address and your process on our website. This data is not sold to other services. If you want to disable the collect and use of the information, you can install a plugin available at this address :

If you book a van on our website, you will have to fill in necessary information (last name, first name, e-mail address, phone number, mail address, driver license number).

If you want to receive our awesome newsletter, you will have to fill in this information : last name, first name, e-mail address.


Disclosure to others parties

We don’t sell, neither exchange nor transfer your identifiable personal data to third parties. This doesn’t include the third parties which manage our activities. We totally trust their engagement and actions to make sure they keep safe the personal data.


Data protection

We do everything we can, through various secure ways, to keep safe your personal data. The server we use is managed by 1&1 and is in a secure environment. We also protect your offline data.


Your data protection rights

In compliance to the law, you have the right in certain circumstances to:

  • Ask for your data in order to know if we have personal data in our possession.
  • Ask for correction and modification of your information
  • Ask for removal of your personal data
  • Be against the information collect. Be aware that if you don’t want to give your information contact, we cannot book a van for you.
  • Pull out your consent: you can stop receiving e-mail from us, in order to do so, you can unsubscribe yourself by clicking on the « unsubscribe » link in the bottom of the newsletter, or send us your request by e-mail at


Your agreement

By using our amazing website, you accept the fact we can collect and use the information you gave us.


Privacy policy alteration

Our privacy policy can evolve during the year in accordance to the new laws concerning the personal data treatment