All over Europe, in 41 agencies


Here we are, we arrive from South Africa after our first month of vacation.

We pick up the van in Lyon at the BlackSheep premises. Great meeting with Sylvain and the whole team. Guided tour of our luxury mobile apartment for the next 107 days by the Mac Gyver of the team that maintains the Vans.

Departure with… Caravelle, number 13 in the fleet, has :)!

It is at the end of the day, so we are looking directly for a first spot to sleep around Lyon. Head to the Pilat Nature Park, 35 minutes south of Lyon. You’ll find a great place to go for a walk. (balls that don’t know Park4Night yet… :p)

Big storm on arrival… Gift for our first evening :), but we still eat comfortably inside the van…

The next day heading south, we slowly head to Zegama in the Spanish Basque country, where Perrine has her first race objective of the trip. Little by little, we become familiar with our van and its features. We are quite busy, two sports parents and a two-year-old boy, it gives…

Trail equipment, (5 pairs of running shoes for madam)

Canyonning equipment for the gentleman

A racing bike

Mountaineering equipment

A draisienne for Antone

A hiking bag to carry…

Despite all this and with good logistics, everything is in its place and we are super well stalled with our Van BlackSheep.

So we arrive in Zegama where we land at the start of the race for a few nights…

Here are the 42 kilometers ultra muddy and rainy of the mythical Zegama curly for madame in 6 hours, and everyone is jealous of her when she showers in the back of the van, and hot shower please!!

After these few days in the Basque country, head for the Spanish Atlantic coast. We stop on beautiful beaches, according to our desires, and now that we let ourselves be guided by Park4Night and that the logistics is well established, and well we are too good!!!!!

A lot of meetings with other “vanlifers”, some even left everything to move to live in their vans, it leaves dreamy … Our baby adapts perfectly to this life full of encounters! What an enrichment for him.

Well we’re not going to lie, the weather is horrible since we left, we juggle as we can with the thinning … But after 10 days, we’re fed up!!! And the interest of the van is that when you are fed up and well we change the plans, we move and we go elsewhere, even if it was not planned. From the start of the rainy Asturias for sunshine Landes …

Then again head to the Pyrenees for a second race… The Gavarnie Trail SkyRunning. Always as convenient to sleep comfortably at the start of the races, and it even gives wings to Perrine who finishes in 2nd place.

That’s it, we’ve already been gone for 3 weeks, it’s gone too fast … Already beautiful memories full of head. We now follow the sun as we head as I write towards the Mediterranean and the Alps…

See you very quickly@tramonitrip

Perrine, Pascal and Antone

10 December 2020