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Road-Trip in Alsace – Week-end 



You are looking for an idea to go on an adventure with your family or friends? Enjoy an out-of-time break thanks to our campervans that can transport from 1 to 6 people depending on the vehicle you have chosen.

Bringing you both comfort and freedom, they will give a new taste to your holidays!

Departures start from the Colmar agency or delivery points in Strasbourg and Basel/Mulhouse airport. Be careful! Travelling with Blacksheep Van has risks, we disclaim any responsibility in case of road-trip addiction! 😉

Bonus: our car parks will welcome your vehicles free of charge while you are away on your adventure.


Discover our road-trip in Alsace

Day 1

Start by heading to the Tanet through the D417 road. Once you are parked on the car park, you will need to walk for about 30 to 45 minutes (with the appropriate shoes) to reach the Green Lake that is quite worth its name.

You can continue your hike by following the trail markings of your choice to the Trout, White or Black Lakes.

Go back down through the D430 before heading to the Hohneck and the Crests’ road for the next steps of the adventure.

Partez en road-trip en Alsace au de colmar
Découvrez notre road-trip en Alsace et les coins pour vos reposer

Where to sleep ?

Here are a few nice spots to spend the night… (more info on the park4night website and app).

  • Car parks along the Crests’ road
  • Markstein carpark
  • Longemer Lake

Day 2

Get back on the road towards the Markstein and the “Grand Ballon”, where you might get the chance to see a paragliding flight at the gliding site of Treh (near the inn).

Why not have breakfast on the high stubble fields? A little plaid and coffee and you are good to go!

After this blast of fresh air, head to the lakes in the valley as indicated on the map and enjoy the nautical activities that they offer: a quick swim, a boat ride, canoe, paddle or pedal boat. Once your heart is stolen by this place (at least we hope it will), it will be time to go back to the agency through the D417 road


The Green Lake or Soultzeren Lake (1044m) is a natural lake which level was elevated to create a water bank. It owes its name to the colour it takes in summer, when aquatic plants develop in it (lichens for example).

The lake is natural but its level was elevated for utilitarian reasons.

The Forlet Lake (also wrongly called Trout Lake, because of a distortion of the german word ‘Forelle’ which means ‘Trout’), it is the highest one in the Vosges Mountains.

Both of them are located in magnificent cirques, dominated by the crests and the high stubble fields.

Passez par Le lac Vert ou lac de Soultzeren en road-trip

In the heart of the Vosges Mountains, the 88 km-long Crests’ road goes in the North through the Bonhomme and Schlucht cols, the Hohneck mountain range, the Markstein, the Grand Ballon (with its summit at 1343m) and the Vieil Armand. The road winds through a magical decor of forests, meadows and authentic refuges, to reach the mountain crests.

The surprise? A breathtaking landscape: the famous “Vosges Blue Line (ligne bleue des Vosges)”. Between Alsace and Lorraine, on top of the Hohneck, you can choose to go on a hike on the high stubble fields to get ready for the delicious break that is coming…


  • Thrilling activities for all in Bol d’Air Aventure in La Bresse
  • Silver mine in Tellures park in Ste Marie aux Mines: visit, guide, speleology initiation, escape room
  • Summer sledge in the Schlucht col, rail toboggan in Markstein – Grand Ballon, Schlitte mountain in La Bresse.
  • Sotré refuge, 15 minute walk away from Hohneck: electric bike, all-terrain scooter, nature activities
  • Haute Vosges Candy Store in Plainfaing

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