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A road-trip along the Loire Valley!

Aaah, the castles of the Loire Valley… For any amateur of French culture, they are a must-see, and yet we don’t always take the time to visit them… With Blacksheep Van you have no excuse !

From  Blacksheep Van Angers agency

Our Angers Blacksheep Van agency is the perfect starting point for a road trip along the river Loire, to go discover these historical wonders. Warning though, this road trip has a very strong historical taste, so be prepared to get nerdy 😉

Before you go rent your camper van, go and have a stroll around Angers and its castle, which is quite worth a visit! Walk around the city and then come to the agency to check your van in.

Once you’re on board your campervan, drive towards Saumur. You will drive for less than an hour to find another beautiful castle. Discover the little town and its bridge that crosses the river Loire. Park your campervan along the river. Head towards the Cadre Noir, the National School of horse-riding. It is quite an institution and is a must-see, even for people who do not necessarily know the sport. There are different ways to visit it, but if you can, try to see the horsemen and women practicing!

Once you’re done with Saumur, climb back into your campervan and head towards the next destination of the road-trip: Chinon!

Leave the river Loire for a little while to go follow one of its tributaries, the Vienne. Once you’ve reached Chinon, you’ll see not a castle but a true royal fortress dominating the city. After visiting the castle and the city, park your campervan on one of the car parks following the Vienne, under the shade of the trees. Enjoy your evening and night aboard your house on wheels !

Découvrez notre road-trip a Angers

Let’s go to Chambord Castle

The next morning, pack up your campsite and drive for about an hour to Chenonceaux ! With a truly incredible architecture that steps over the river Cher, it is, in our humble opinion, one of the most beautiful castles of the river Loire. We really advise you to rent a canoe and go down the river Cher right under the castle, to admire it from every possible angle.

Once you’ve finished being marveled by this architectural gem, it is time to start the engine of your Mini, Classic or California campervan and head towards Cheverny!For the amateurs of French culture, you might have heard of the comic book Tintin… Well, Cheverny will bring you back because the castle inspired Hergé, Tintin’s author, to draw Moulinsart’s castle. The landlords of the castle have put together an exhibition dedicated to the character that you can visit in addition to the estate.

Découvrez notre road-trip a Angers

Next stop: Chambord, the most famous of the castles of the Loire Valley! You can visit the castle and its gardens freely or enjoy a guided tour, but in any way it will probably keep you occupied for the rest of the day! The evening will come and the best part is that the castle has a dedicated car park where you’ll be able to set camp for the night! If you want to find another place to stay the night though, you can use our BlacksheepVan app that will tell you where you can park in the nearby areas..

Last historical step

The next morning, drive for barely 20 minutes and discover the city of Blois ! You can visit the castle and stroll around the typical little streets, have lunch in the city, before heading to the next destination aboard your Blacksheep van! You can go through Amboise and its lovely castle, and even go through Tours if you fancy!

But it’s already time to head back to Angers and give the van back, but you can make a quick detour to have a last blast of history and discover the castle of Villandry! Enjoy its magnificent gardens and the last minutes of your road-trip!

Yet, here is the end of your road-trip along the Loire valley! Don’t forget to clean your camper van, to fill the tank, and of course to bring it back to the agency!

We really hope this road-trip itinerary has given you ideas! See you soon on the road!