Road trip in Belgium - Blacksheep Van

Road-Trip across Belgium in a Campervan





1700 km

xxx €

1 Week

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For starters, you can park your van landscaped waterfront and stroll through the dunes of De Panne and the nature reserve Westhoek where admire fauna and flora really blossomed. In summer, you will surely enjoy the sun and walk your feet in the water! You can then take the road along the coast eastwards through Raversijde and museum Atlantic Wall with his sixty bunkers built by the Nazi regime during World War II or Walraversijde and medieval archaeological museum is sure to amaze you! Then do step in Ostend (Oostende in Flemish), “the most British city” according to our dear friends the English. Take a walk along the beach promenade enjoying chips takeaway or sit outside enjoying a good Belgian beer: the best of the world, speaking Blackshepherd! Also go for a ride on Amandine and Mercator, witnesses ships maritime past of the city, then stroll along the great dam.

Not to be missed in the north of Belgium:

The nature reserve Westhoek, Panne.
Le Bal du Rat Mort Ostend in February.
The Markt and its canals.
After this good bowl of sea air, you can take the wheel of your Campervan and leave California to the south of Belgium, Bruges and first (Brugge in Flemish). The Venice of the North and its famous canals will be perfect for both families and couples looking for romance. You will also have the opportunity to visit the historic center carriage, listed since 2000 as World Heritage by UNESCO: you can not miss it if you’re in the area! Black Sheep gourmets will not be outdone: Bruges indeed contains the Friet museum and Chocolate Museum Story! In Bruges there is therefore to everyone!

So satisfied you can relax in your van fitted out before taking the direction of Brussels, capital of the Kingdom of Belgium and the center of the European Union. Let your van in the car park and wander the city center on foot. A must in this city: Grand Place and the flower market in the morning and the restaurants and bars that surround it. Here you can enjoy typical Belgian dishes in what is believe to be true old taverns! You can also admire the beautiful Flemish Renaissance architecture of downtown Brussels before going to see the iconic Manneken Pis. If you feel an attack, are also going to see the Royal Palace, which is close to the official residence of King Albert II and his family.

Not to be missed in Brussels:

The Grand Place.
The Flower Carpet that takes place on the Grand Place every 2 years.
Manneken Pis.
If you think that Belgium has not beautiful natural scenery to offer, think again! If you want to find the green, head of the Belgian Ardennes where there are many opportunities for hiking in the region of Bouillon and Bastogne in the extreme south of Belgium.

You will be able to return to Lyon via Luxembourg. Note that Belgium is a relatively small country and you have all the time in the world to visit the rest of the country if you desire: Namur, Antwerp, Liege … You can even make a detour to neighboring Germany and go to Düsseldorf, Cologne, Stuttgart … Be free as air and good trip Campervan Blacksheep!