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Road-Trip across Switzerland in a campervan





550 km

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1 Week

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Switzerland, a neutral country this small but bursting with history and culture just 2 hours from Lyon will dazzle the eye! Imagine four different official languages ​​is spoken, namely French, German, Italian and Romansh! So four different cultures. With the Alps in the south, north swore and numerous lakes, Switzerland also has many different landscapes to unveil. An ideal trip for the family in California Campervan, free as a bird!

From Lyon, take the motorway directly Geneva. There you can enjoy an impressive medieval and cultural heritage. You can visit the Old City, witness of the past of Geneva and the Cathedrale Saint Pierre. Remember not to go over the Palais des Nations, world diplomacy Centre and United Nations European Headquarters. In particular you can admire the magnificent ceiling of the Hall of Human Rights. Another “must see” Geneva’s famous Jet d’Eau, which rises to 140 meters above sea level on Lake Geneva. Finally, we can only recommend a drink in Carouge, an area marked by his Sardinian origins and its bohemian atmosphere.

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Un road trip en Suisse avec un van aménagé Blacksheep

Then, towards the Castle of Chillon, via Lausanne and Montreux. Do not hesitate to take the back roads to enjoy the picturesque scenery of the area and make stops during the journey between the French Alps, the vineyards and of course Lake Geneva. If you go to Lausanne in July, remember to attend the Jazz Festival which offers some free concerts, ideal to brighten up your evenings! Arrived at Chillon, you can visit the famous castle, dating from the eighteenth century with its dungeons, its corridors and turrets.

Do not miss in Lausanne:
-> Chillon Castle is open all year.
-> The Cyclotour of Lake Geneva, in May.
-> Festival of the City, the first half of July.
-> The Lausanne Underground Film & Music Festival in October.

After a good night’s rest at the lake in your van fitted towards Berne, the capital city World Heritage of UNESCO and birthplace of the theory of relativity of Einstein, who is honored and his house, the museum dedicated to him and even his coffee! Founded in 1191 and stuck in the loop of the Aare, you can park your Campervan California and stroll among the sandstone buildings dating from the Middle Ages, beautifully kept. Note that you can also visit the Federal Palace from 1902 and the center of Swiss politics.

Last step in your road trip, Zürich. Economic capital of Switzerland, Zurich is none the less a city proud of its history and its culture. Take a walk through the old town and the church of Fraumünster and walk to the edge of its namesake lake without forgetting to taste its succulent chocolate Lindt and Sprüngli worldwide reputation. If your heart tells you, go to Schaffhausen behind the German border where you can take a ferry and you get splashed by the Rhine Falls: the largest in Europe!

Do not miss in Bern and Zürich:

-> Einstein’s home in Bern, open all year except January.
-> The Lindt chocolate factory in Zurich.
-> The Zurich Open Air Festival in late August / early September.

Zurich road trip conseils Blacksheep

The belly full of chocolate, head full of memories and lots of photos camera, you can take the road to Lyon in your van fitted by the way, for those who have the faint of heart, for the neck of the peak at Furka over 2400 meters. One of the most beautiful roads of Europe without barriers, in the footsteps of James Bond in Goldfinger. Finally, you can reach the road back to Geneva and Lyon.