Road-trip to Prague - Blacksheep Van

Campervan Road-Trip in East Europe





1600 km

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2 Weeks

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Driving your Caravelle or your California take Highway and cross the Italian border directly toward your first step: Milan, the economic capital of Italy. While her sisters as Rome or Florence often overshadow him in tourism, there is still a myriad of beautiful things to see. Did you know that the Duomo, Milan’s cathedral, is one of the largest and most majestic in the world? Other monuments abound: La Scala (Milan’s opera), the Leonardo da Vinci museum, the Last Supper … There are also parks such as the magnificent Giardini di Villa Reale … Do not hesitate to take a authentic coffee, THE Italian drink par excellence! You can then hit the road and visit Venice, which needs no introduction. Here you can lose and wander the streets and through the countless small bridges over canals. You can not not go!

Do not miss in Italy:

-> The Duomo in Milan.
-> Leonardo da Vinci’s works.
-> Venice!

Partez faire un road trip en campervan Blacksheep et profitez en pour visiter Milan
Ljubljana road trip blacksheep

Take the direction of Slovenia along the Adriatic Sea, go through Trieste and Ljubljana join the little-known capital of Slovenia. Its historic center is full of things to see: the Dragon Bridge, the Castle, the Ljubljanica river, which is its main Tivoli park … Its surroundings and the central region of Slovenia is a paradise for nature lovers with, among others the magnificent Gorge Iški vintgar near Bled and its lake topped by an impressive medieval castle. Do not hesitate, and enjoy the still untouched destination masses going on Campervan Blacksheep!

salzburg road trip blacksheep

Take home then north-west to visit Austria. Start with the Krimml Falls, near Innsbruck. They really worth seeing! Then enjoy the Romantic Road to go from Salzburg to Vienna: 380 km of road through the country in amazing landscapes and making you visit the most beautiful cities in the country! Your California Campervan or T5 Caravelle will prove perfect for this trip. Once in Vienna, we recommend that you go to the Schönbrunn Palace and the Imperial Palace (Hofburg) and the Ringstrasse, where you can see many buildings with typical architecture. After this historic getaway in the city that has seen the Princess Sissi and Mozart, you can resume the road to the north, to discover Prague, the city of Thousand Thousand Towers and Steeples.

Partez en road trip en europe de l'est et découvrez Prague

Prague is one of the most beautiful cities in the world, and things to do there abound. Cross the Vltava by walking the Charles Bridge, the symbol of the city, visit the castle and go for a walk on the side of the Astronomical Clock … You are free to visit the historical center! The bohemian area where is Prague also offers beautiful places for nature lovers. We recommend the Ska gorges and mountain biking. When the Czech Republic will have no secrets for you, you can resume the road and return to France across Germany.

Extend your road trip Campervan Blacksheep! If you have the desire or time, drop in Bavaria to see its beautiful forests and lakes! Stock up on souvenirs and nature in this beautiful region of southern Germany.