Spanish Road-Trip - Blacksheep Van

Road-Trip across Spain in a Campervan





2000 à 2500 km

xxx €

1 Week

Key stages of trip :

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Start by taking the Southern highway and go straight to Barcelona, ​​the capital of Catalonia. In this city, there’s something for everyone: cultural tourism, beach and relaxation, nightclubs … Feel free to park by the sea outside the city on the first night: take a good night rest and get started in the city tour the next day. Check out the Ramblas, take the cable car to enjoy the city from the air, stop by the Sagrada Familia or the Güell Park, or just stay at the beach! You’re spoiled for choice. Football fans can also go to the Nou Camp to visit the stadium of FC Barcelona. These places are unavoidable and very tourist. So go on the side of the Citadel Park and eat tapas in Barceloneta, or stroll the side of the Place Born and in the surrounding streets to enjoy the gothic architecture of the area.

Not to be missed in Barcelona:

-> La Rambla.
-> La Sagrada Familia.
-> El Barrio Gotico.

Rent your van in Barcelona and go for a road trip across Spain and Europe
Road trip à Madrid en Espagne avec Blacksheep

Then take the road along the coast a bit, do not hesitate to stop by the sea to rest in your van fitted Blacksheep while enjoying the view of the sea. To get to Madrid, you can choose between Highway and small winding roads Spanish: it’s up to you! A must: Zaragoza, you will not be disappointed! The Spanish capital in just as much to offer as Barcelona. Small consulting Blackshepherd: go in April-June or September-October, to avoid the crowds of tourists that flock here each summer. In Madrid, first visit the Royal Palace, which faces the magnificent Cathedral Our Lady of Almudena before you go in the old town, or neighborhood of the Habsburg dynasty where you can sip a cool drink, free of sun. Also go to the Puerta del Sol and Plaza de Cibeles, both steeped in history. Go and see the Puerta del Sol at night, lighting the facades are absolutely beautiful!

Not to be missed in Madrid:

-> The Royal Palace.
-> Our Lady of Almudena.
-> Puerta del Sol.

Rent your van in Valencia and go for a road trip across Spain and Europe

Your next step is on the coast: Valencia, the city that was the birthplace of paella as well as hundreds of other dishes of rice! Travelers gastronomes will be won and probably will not want to leave! If you have the chance to go through it in March, you can admire the spectacle of Las Fallas festival, during which structures satirical paper mache sometimes 15 meters high are burned: a unique fireworks show in the world. If you do not have that chance, rest assured: Valencia has much to offer as gardens, museums, cathedrals, monuments …

To go to Granada, walk along the Spanish coast back into your Volkswagen California Campervan through Alicante, Cartagena, Almeria … There still remains sympathetic corners to see, and many beaches where you can enjoy the sun and heat before going to Granada, penultimate stage of this road trip. There, you can not miss the Alhambra. This palace built by the Muslim kings is the essence of this culture in Europe. World Heritage of UNESCO, visit usually lasts more than two hours (remember to book before coming!). You can also come in the winter, during which the Sierra Nevada, a massive peak at over 3000 meters south of Granada, is open to the skiing! Who would have thought?

Do not miss in Granada:

-> The Alhambra and the Generalife.
-> The district of Sacromonte.
-> The tapas.

granada road trip espagne Blacksheep

When you know all of Muslim culture, take the road in your mini camper Blacksheep and walk along the Costa Tropical Malaga, birthplace of Picasso and one of the oldest in the world will surprise you with its arenas and its magnificent beaches … Finally, the last step of your road trip: Gibraltar, the doors of Africa and the only link between the Mediterranean Sea and the Atlantic Ocean. You will first be struck by his famous Rock, rising to 500 meters above the sea on the rock and around live monkeys freedom which is not afraid of anything. Watch your food when they are nearby!

Rent your van in Malaga and go for a road trip across Spain and Europe

This journey to the borders of Spain comes to an end! Know that this country many other things to show you. So feel free to return to France by the central Spanish if you have the time or inclination: the Blacksheep vans take you anywhere!