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Roof tent Do

From $24 per day


3 beds

150 cm in interior height

250 kg maximum in the tent

Space 120x120cm

3 full openings

Enjoy a great view, shelter and a bed already ready with the Duo Roof Tent!

How many seats are there in this car roof tent?

This Car roof tent is made for 2 adults and 1 child under the age of 10. If you plan to sleep on your vehicle together, this is the solution! As a couple, with your child and/or with friends, you will have enough room to spend a pleasant night!

What is the naitup roof tent made of?

The naitup roof tent has 3 full openings (left, right and rear) with removable screens available outdoors. You will no longer be afraid of mosquitoes in our roof tent. You will spend peaceful and safe nights with our Roof Tent Born-up Duo ;)

The dimensions of the roof tent!

The sleeping area of the roof tent has the following dimensions: 120x210 cm. The interior height is 150 cm. Our roof tent car is ideal for going on weekends and on holiday as a couple or with friends! Besides, it is ready to install on all vehicle bars!

Sleeping conditions

The only restriction of the roof tent naitup duo concerns the maximum weight allowed. This one is: 250 kg. There are no other restrictions. So you are free to rent it and sleep on your vehicle serenely ;)

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