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The art of smelling good, even on a road trip

The art of smelling good, even on a road trip 150 150 Blacksheep Van
Douche, hygiène en van aménagé

After two months of lockdown spent from our couch with ruined travel plans, it’s time to allow ourselves to dream of an outdoor getaway! What could be better than a road-trip in a campervan to combine the comfort of your sofa (or almost) and the freedom to go wherever you want, whenever you want? 

You’re attracted to this idea, but you still have a lot of questions about your hygiene in a van? “Will we have to wash in the lakes?” “Where and how shall we do our business?” After reading this little guide, we hope that any doubt you might have will disappear and will give you a sudden urge to pack your things and leave as soon as possible, in a van of course! 


How to prepare before the great departure?


Before you leave, remember to bring a toilet bag: shower gel and shampoo, preferably biodegradable to avoid pollution if you intend to shower in the middle of nature, as well as a towel (we strongly advise to bring a microfibre one as it dries faster and saves space). 

When showering is impossible, for example if the weather is bad, many people swear by baby wipes for a quick cleaning. We know that it can be a very convenient solution in van but make sure to throw them in the bin and not in the nature! 

Our favourite (and eco-friendly) alternative: the washcloth! Just as practical, it allows you to keep a good hygiene or just to wash your face after a hike. Very easy to maintain, just rinse it and lay it down in the van to dry and here you go again 😉 


How to stay clean during your trip?


If you don’t feel like bathing in a lake or river, there are several alternative solutions available:

  • the vanlife solution for the most adventurous: 

All our vans are equipped with shower heads connected to the water tank (water at room temperature). This option allows you to shower almost anywhere and at any time (as long as the weather is favourable) and offers you a taste of freedom: imagine the unique sensation of showering with a view of nature…



For the hot water version, a solar shower is available (optional). Very easy to use, just heat your bag under the sun for a few hours and it’s ready!

But we can see you thinking… you’re probably wondering “How about privacy?” Don’t panic. We have shower cubicles (optional) that unfold in a few seconds and allow you to take a shower discreetly. They are very convenient because they are easy to carry and don’t take up space when folded up.


  • Service areas for more comfort 

For those who want to enjoy the comfort of a real shower, service areas can be found everywhere on your route. Thanks to Park4Night or the Blacksheep Van application, you can easily find the different areas around you:

  • Campsites: you will be able to access the shower and toilet facilities, as well as some extras when the campsite is equipped (swimming pool, children’s playground…)
  • The motorway areas: even if you don’t necessarily think about it, rest areas are often equipped with showers! Ask at the reception!
  • Hospitality at private or professional estate: some people agree to provide you water and sanitary facilities. You can also find people who own estates (agricultural, farms…) and allow you to shower and even offer wine tastings 😉 

Public swimming pools are also an alternative to consider: they usually agree to let you shower and access the sanitary facilities (sometimes in exchange for a coin). 

And if you are lucky enough to be near the sea, don’t hesitate to use the beach showers, free and present on most beaches, as a bonus you’ll get to shower in front of a breathtaking view! 

Useful note: don’t forget to fill up your water tank in service areas and campsites as often as you can (even if your tank is not empty)! This may seem surprising, but you can also find free water in most cemeteries.


What about going to the toilet?


Perhaps this is THE question that scares you the most … If you don’t have access to a toilet nearby because you are lost in the middle of nowhere and you are not comfortable doing number 2 in the nature, we have the solution! As an extra with your rental (39€ per rental), we offer you a small, very useful and easily transportable item that will save you during the whole duration of your stay: Portable dry toilets! Just unfold the box, put the bag in place, do your business, close the bag, throw it away with the other household waste and that’s it! No need to clean it, you can use it anywhere and you even have the luxury to admire the landscape around you instead of reading the magazine that has been lying in your toilets for the last 10 years… 

Another alternative: we also offer chemical toilets (89€ per rental) which look a lot like ordinary toilets with a plastic seat. They work thanks to chemicals that dissolve organic matter and liquefy it, making it easier to empty (but remember, you have to empty the toilet tank in areas dedicated to this purpose, never in nature!). 


Hygiene inside the van


Inside the van, we provide you free disposable sheets for your freshly disinfected van. 

We also give you a free washing-up kit, which will be at your disposal at the reception when you come to pick up your van, as well as the necessary items to do the dishes: sponge, washing-up liquid, bin bags. 

For more information about the actions taken by Blacksheep to deal with the Covid-19, we invite you to visit this page where we detail the sanitary measures put in place.  

If you still have doubts, do not hesitate to contact us at +33 (0)9 51 38 88 15 or by e-mail:, our team will be happy to clear up your grey areas! So, are you ready for the adventure?