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Discover here our essentials for a stay in a van ski! Are you planning to go skiing in a van in winter? Don’t hesitate and go for it! For a weekend or a ski holiday, the van is an alternative to traditional accommodation. To accompany you on this adventure, our team launches a series “Go skiing in a van equipped”. We’ve also put together our favourite destinations, our recipe ideas…

This first article summarizes the essentials to take with you during your stay in a van ski. We have prepared two checklists to make sure you don’t forget anything… Be prepared to go on an adventure with warm clothes and ski gear! You had already been offered an article on take-out clothes on the road trip. But you don’t take the same clothes to go to the sea as you do to the mountains. In the mountains, temperatures are dropping and winter activities are rather sporty. It is therefore best to have comfortable clothes that keep warm.

Why go skiing in a converted van?

We found a few reasons to try to convince you:

You no longer have valid excuses for not going skiing in a converted van… Unless you don’t like skiing, but there’s nothing you can do about it!

Now that you’re convinced, discover our essentials for skiing in a converted van!

Our first checklist is a list of essentials to go skiing with all the necessary equipment. Enough to be ready to face all the snowy situations!

Our list of essentials to go skiing in a van:

The choice of clothes is important because this is what will keep you warm on the slopes. They will also protect you from snow and humidity. Our second checklist is the list of clothes to take to ski.

Always respecting the three layers of clothing to stay warm in all circumstances:

Our list of clothes for a skiing trip in a van:

Now you have everything you need for a successful skiing trip in a converted van! We hope that these two lists of essentials will be useful to you when preparing your road trip. Find us in the next article with our favorite ski destinations in a van!

15 February 2021