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Today we want to tell you about the galleys we can encounter during a road trip. We’ll reveal the less seductive sides of travelling in a campervan… You saw pictures of our vans and you loved it? You can believe that road-trips are punctuated only by heavenly views… Or that living in a van can offer the same comfort as your daily life. Yes, you’ll see a lot of breathtaking landscapes, but not only that! Photos make you a dream but you are not always aware of the backstage. We want to show you that going on a road trip is really going on an adventure! Your stay will change you from your daily routine and can be a change of scene. Also, small galleys are an integral part of this adventure.

We have been gathered (almost) all the galleys you can encounter during your road trip. And see the slightly less “glamorous” side of living in a van … 😉

1. Take a shower in a campervan

You are warned, you will hardly have the same hygiene as at home. This will surely be one of your first galleys during your road trip in a campervan. Taking a shower in a campervan can become a real adventure. With a limited water tank, this resource becomes “precious”. It will be useful for your showers but also for the kitchen. And in case of low temperature, washing without a solar shower could be refreshing. You will see that with experience, but you might understand quite fast that not showering everyday is not a big deal.

Please note that there are rarely toilets in the van. There are several options: public, chemical, dry toilets or directly in the nature. Find all our tips to keep a good hygiene.

2. No one is safe from a mechanical problem in a van

Having a mechanical problem with the van is THE problem during a road trip. All our vans are modern and they meet all the standards to circulate. Yet no one is safe from a mechanical problem in a van or a breakdown (as with your car). But don’t panic, if this happens to you, you’re not alone! Please contact us, we will do our best to help you. You can also call the assistance to help you out. We have to be honest, we already had almost every problems that can happen! Between the flat battery, the flat tires, no more gas when cooking… But those little galleys are part of the adventure and that’s also the vanlife.

3. Get out of your comfort zone

Living in a van will get you out of your comfort zone. If it’s a problem for some, we see it as a challenge! You will discover the small hazard of a road trip in a van … You will have to get used to live according to the environment around you. Despite the sunscreens, you can still be awakened by daylight…. Or by the sound of a herd of cows passing by …

4. Do a digital detox

Are you looking for nice places for your road trip? Are you planning to go hiking for several days in the mountains? You may no longer have Internet if you are in the middle of nowhere… It can be a nightmare for some, but it’s the perfect opportunity to make a digital detox!

5. The limited space of a campervan

During your stay in a van, keep in mind that spaceis limited. Having your own personal space can therefore become complicated. Choose the people you’re going on a road trip wisely with and set rules from the start. This may prevent this road trip from turning into a nightmare.

Moreover,restricted space can quickly become a mess. You’ll have to tidy up often so you don’t waste time looking for your belongings

6. Having to adapt to the weather

A word of advice from our experts: be prepared to adapt to the weather. Whether you’re going away for a weekend or several weeks, it’s hard to predict the weather. Depending on the location and the season, you will be able to cope with the vagaries of time. This uncertainty can quickly become a during your road trip in a converted van. You will therefore be led to change your plans for the day. Rain is forecast all day but you see a blue sky? Go for it!

7. Be flexible

The night is approaching and you still don’t find THE perfect spot to sleep? This can happen more often than you think! But a van road trip isn’t just idyllic places to spend the night…

We recommend the Park4Night app to show you the closest spots to sleep in. In case of fatigue, you may be required to sleep in the parking lot of a supermarket… Keep in mind that your itinerary can change every day and even during the day! Want to stay longer in a village on a whim? Go ahead! On the contrary, you arrive in a city and you are not inspired? Don’t hesitate to leave 😉

8. Taking too much business

With limited storage space, extra business could shrink your living space. To optimize your comfort in the van, check out our tips for organising your road trip. Also, to avoid taking too many clothes, find our tips to prepare your bag. And a little reminder: less business – less time spent tidying up the van.

9. Doing too many miles in a day

Setting your route can be a hassle to manage the miles to travel. The route of your road trip in a van is often more interesting than your final destination. But avoid planning a route without taking into account the number of kilometres travelled… If you drive a lot, you may get tired very quickly. And it would be a shame to ruin your road trip because you’re exhausted from the beginning. Try to limit yourself to a maximum of 200/300 km per day!

10. Forget business

We’re not going to lie to you, it’s all happened to us once. We’ve all lost stuff on the road trip, in the van or somewhere else. For example, forget your shoes on the roof, or clothes that were drying outside. Of course, there are things that are more or less important. Make sure your children’s soft toys are on board!

Writing an article about the galleys of a road trip in a van was close to our hearts. We are convinced that you will live a very nice adventure by leaving in a campervan … But with experience, we know you will have surprises during your road trip. It’s part of the game and it’s also what will make the pleasant moments so special. Even if it doesn’t make you laugh at the moment, these galleys will be memories to tell! We hope this article didn’t scare you… And you always want to go on a road trip in a campervan! See you on the road very soon!

15 February 2021