All over Europe, in 41 agencies


At Blacksheep, we offer vans designed so that you can carry out your most beautiful adventures … But we also think of professionals to accompany them in their need for mobility and their travels!


Rent a minibus for your travels: a vehicle that can be adapted to your needs!

Among our vehicles, we offer minibuses in all our agencies with variable capacities ranging from 6 to 9 seats. They’re driving themselves with a simple B-license!

Whether it’s for personal travel (weddings, family reunions, sports outings) or for business trips (corporate meetings, business tours or seminars), discover the high-end transport and driving comfort offered by The Comfort Line Volkswagen minibuses.

Our vehicles adapt to your needs:
9-seater format to transport your team
6-seater format and wide rear trunk to easily carry all your professional equipment


Working differently … We dare!

Working in a van? In nature, in unusual and unusual places to let your creativity run free?

As a self-employed entrepreneur or free-thrower, go to work wherever you want for a day or a little longer. All possibilities are available to you, moreover our mobile offices have a berth to rest you and a stationary heating to regain the comfort of “like at home”!

Commercial tour, Roadshow, Freelance in “Teletravan”: choose the mobile desktop solution!

To meet the needs of new “free” workers, Blacksheep has devised new agile transport solutions for professionals by bringing a different vision of mobility at work with an unusual new space.

It is now possible to rent your mobile office for your professional mobility!

The goal? To be able to travel and meet your customers and partners while having at your disposal a pleasant and comfortable place to work. Move around in a van

Volkswagen and enjoy this mobile and flexible office.

3 mobile
desktop models:

The California Pro: desk with a kitchen block, comfortable seating, liftable roof to stand and access to the top bunk. Compact, it goes everywhere and parks easily!

The Explorer Pro: office with kitchen block, two double beds and the ability to stand continuously thanks to its 2m60 under ceiling. A real living space on wheels.

The Black-Up Pro: desk with kitchen block, sunroof and top bunk. Designed to get around in hard-to-reach places thanks to its four-wheel drive.

A fully equipped mobile office:

The Blacksheep Van mobile desk is a real workspace, fully equipped: 24” inch screen that you plug into your computer or tablet, printer/scan/copy, wifi to be connected everywhere, a water supply, electricity, a refrigerator to offer some fresh drinks to your customers and a coffee maker with pods.

These offices will allow you to work wherever you want, in comfort and tranquility (stationary heating, comfortable seating), to receive your customers and partners, to go to meet them or to carry out seminars that go off the beaten track.

During your lounges and events, this office equipped, closed and furnished can allow you to work quietly.

With a capacity of 3 people, this space can be transformed into a travelling meeting room to facilitate your exchanges and travels.

A personalised office!

An office in your colors … Well it’s possible! Vans can be partially or totally sticked with a visual of your choice to carry your logo or any other design! You can also optimize your brand’s visibility on events or trade show with complementary packs (oriflamme, reception desk, magnetic signage).

How does it work?

On the Blacksheep Van Minibus and Pro website, you simply choose your starting agency and then choose the mobile desktop you want. For any specific request or covering option, please contact us directly on 09 51 38 88 15 or by email at

Let your imagination run wild and dare nomadic work!

10 December 2020