Tricks and Tips - Blacksheep Van

Tricks and Tips

1.Your Campervan

  • A van Blacksheep is a Campervan Cmpaing built like a car for 2-6 people or 9 seater minibus, T5 Caravelle and Volkswagen California Beach. California has two indoor beds while the Caravelle has a large bed All our vehicles are less than 2 years, are diesel Turbo from 104 to 140 horsepower whose consumption is very low for a vehicle of this class (mixed: 7,3l / 100 km). A full tank will allow you to travel 1000 km road trip!

  • The Blacksheep fitted Campervans motorhome have 2 to 6 seats gray card (with seat belts). Overnight: In the Campervan (Caravelle) you can sleep 2-3 people inside the vehicle, tents 2 places are included in the base price to sleep the rest of the passengers. A large wooden storage chest will allow you to store all your stuff. In California, you sleep up to 5 people (for the California Beach) inside in 2 separate beds (up roof sheltering a bed).

    Minibuses Blacksheep have 9 seats gray card (with seat belts) and a huge storage box for your luggage. Roof rack and bike rack are available as options.

  • Facilities:
    For more comfort Blackvans all equipped with air conditioning, a CD player, MP3, USB-in, Jack-in, power steering, tinted windows, drop-down sun visor / curtains, central locking , heating returned to the rear of the vehicle ceiling lights. For safety, the vans are also equipped with ESP, ABS, Airbags Double. A towbar on vehicles is possible, we specify at time of order.

    Regarding campervans are all fitted in the base price: An outdoor table, 4 chairs, 2 armchairs, kitchen furniture equipped with sink and faucet, storage box, indoor mattresses, kitchen utensils and crockery for 5/6, gas stove refrigerated cooler 30L 12V, 2 tents Erecting new generation (for campervans), clean 20L water tank.

  • Services
    During your stay you can leave your personal vehicle in our warehouse, free of charge.

    You also have the option to add drivers without (except for Campervans Eco) fees if they meet the general rental conditions (minimum 21 years and 2 years of license (except for the minibus), presentation driving license valid on the day of departure). An insured driver who meets the CGL criteria

  • Whatever the length of your trip you have 200 km included per day.

    example: 14 days = 2800 km included, 7 days = 1400 km included 3 days = 600 km …

    For those wishing to eat more miles Blacksheep has thought of everything by offering a new package with unlimited kilometers ! Drive as far as you want and forget your odometer for only 24€/day (also including additional insurance such as multi-driver or punctured tyre insurance) !
    That still doesn’t fit to your needs? You can pay an extra of € 0.40 /Km.

  • All available options can be selected on the site at the time of booking by clicking on the button « I add options ».

    We can mention: cancellation insurance, the excess amount, GPS, roof bars, barbecue, solar shower, 12V / 220V converter, bike rack, the child seat …

2. Your insurance

  • Obviously, no extra charge! The Blackshepherds know the long roads and interest to take turns at the wheel so as not to be too tired and always attentive during the road trip (unless you go on Campervan Mini). All drivers must meet the rental permit conditions (valid license, valid ID, be over 21 years and 2 years driving experience – except for the minibus)

  • Liability insurance against all risks.

    Technical assistance 24/24 vehicle service or towing the vehicle in case of immobilisation due to breakdown or accident.

  • Of course! So you can avoid any hassle, all vehicle rental prices include comprehensive insurance (frankly). You can sleep on your 2 ears, Blacksheep takes care of everything.
  • You must call the support number 24/24 and 7/7 throughout Europe being with the vehicle documents and notify us immediately to +33(9)9 51 38 88 15.

  • You have the all Europe as playground! So you can’t go to the African continent, for example.
    Civil war in the country are also prohibited.
  • When the management of the vehicle, the main driver of the vehicle must submit a deposit check in the amount of € 2,500 (not cashed) or bank card borrows the same amount, which will be designed to Blacksheep ensure the maximum company financial responsibility (except in special cases, see CGL), the tenant could be liable for damage, abnormal breakdown of the vehicle, accident, failure to return equipment or options, cleaning inside / outside not done, not done a lot of diesel or fines incurred by the vehicle.
    Your financial responsibility in case of accidents can be reduced by choosing the franchise Redemption, think about it!

3. Your reservation

  • To book is simple you go to our « Reservations » page, choose your departure date and your rental period and our booking module shows you the real-time availability.

    Then our online Paypal payment module offers to pay a deposit of 50% of the total amount of your order. You will receive a booking confirmation by email.
    You can also book and pay by calling Blacksheep at +33(0)9 51 38 88 15.

  • The deposit of 50% of the total amount of your order is payable in credit card (Visa, Eurocard, Mastercard, blue, American Express card, Aurore card, Cofinoga or Privilege, 4 stars, PAYPAL account) via our website. The remaining balance is payable locally before departure by credit card or cash only Euro is accepted.

  • We are open from Monday to Saturday from 19pm to 9hH30 to receive your calls. The offices are closed on Saturday from 12:30 and Sunday.
    If you wish to deposit, it is best to make an appointment with us, we are often « ride »!

  • All the information is on our « Agents ».

  • A french driving license or issued by a European Economic Area member state (that is to say, Member States of the European Union, Iceland, Liechtenstein and Norway) is valid in France. The holders of a license issued by an outside state must present a license with photograph and written in French or accompanied by an official translation. An international driving license must be accompanied by a national driving license.

    Holding a « white » permitted or restricted validity, or statement of loss or theft of a driving license does not authorize the rental of a vehicle.

  • You must be at least 21 years old and have a driving license for at least 2 years to drive a Camper.
    For Minibus, you must be 25 years old and 3 years of minimum enabled.

  • If you cancel more than 45 days prior to vehicle ownership: 15% of the total rental price will be retained by Blacksheep

    If you cancel between 45 days and 21 days before the vehicle ownership: 30% of the total rental price will be retained by Blacksheep

    If you cancel less than 21 days before the vehicle ownership: 50% of the total rental price will be retained by Blacksheep

    To expect the unexpected think of « insurance » option for only 8 € / day rental, you can cancel your reservation without charge withheld until 7 days before your departure (Attention, the amount of this option remains due whatever happens).

  • You can rent throughout the year a minimum of 1 day, however in high season (July and August) a minimum of 7 days rental is required. We are again at your service and any specific requests can be processed based on availability.
    For rentals of more than 4 weeks thank you for contacting us.

4. Your Road trip

  • You can leave your own car to our warehouse no additional cost throughout your rental period.

  • Going for a weekend?

    You can pick up your campervan from 17:30 to 19h old your day of departure (subject to availability) and you bring either the night of your last day of rental between 17h and 19h, or the next morning before 9:30 am (to availability).

    Going for a week?

    You can get the car on Saturday morning from 10 am until 12:00 pm (closing the agency to 12.30) and you come on Friday evening (between 5:30 p.m. ET 19h) next.
    But do not hesitate to contact us, to availability it may be possible to spill over these hours. So you can possibly pick up your vehicle ahead and make it later.

  • Each driver must bring their driver’s license and a valid national identity card or passport valid. In addition you must allow the settlement of the balance of your order ie 50% by check or cash. Finally you will give us a deposit check (not cashed) and / or a credit card print for a total of € 2,500.

  • Yes for reasons of hygiene Blacksheep offers no bedding for rentals. Each person will have to bring his sheets and / or sleeping bag (we offer sleeping bag optional). People sleeping in tents will also provide a sleeping pad (optional).

  • Your favorite pets are welcome in our Campervans Blacksheep. However in case of incidents: gnawed seats, eaten kitchenware, tasks … you’ll be charged the amount of damage caused.

  • The same as a standard car, so you stay in class 1 and are not charged more expensive as RV and other vans fitted over 2m.

  • Almost everywhere! Making less 2M high our campervans sneaking across the beachside car parks you rooms with sea views. But ask some municipalities regulate parking.

  • In the course camping but it often pays … Blacksheep rather advise you to go to cemeteries. Access is free and there is always a water tap or pipe lying around to water the plants!
  • It is forbidden to smoke in vehicles Blacksheep, you must be outside for a smoke campervans. Plus it’s bad for your health!
  • The interior of the vehicle and all kitchen utensils must be clean, the exterior must also be passed by roller or karsher. If you do not have time to clean vehicles a fee of €80 will be charged for a thorough cleaning (cleaning package available in the options). Think of the « End-of-stay » option!

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