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Two years ago, we accompanied Camille and Pierre for the release of their very first book, Road trip Makes Me Free: Canada. So it is only natural that this year we have supported them again as an official partner of their new book Vanlife in France: Roadtrip Makes Me Free! More than ever, many of us want to explore the hidden treasures of our beautiful country, and seek a change of scenery as close as possible to our home. The van equipped allows exactly that: rediscovering its own territory, but with a new vision of things, while free. Camille and Pierre’s guide will be the perfect partner to help you define an itinerary and a list of things to see and do!

What if we learn to marvel, close to home?

Camille and Pierre started from the observation: France is one of the world’s top tourist destinations. So why do we French people often prefer the foreigner for our holidays? We don’t know about you, but on our side the crisis we are going through has only reinforced questions already engaged about how we “consume” our holidays. France has an unimaginable variety of landscapes: mountains, ocean, moors, volcanoes, forests, cliffs, estuaries…

A guide to preparing your road trip in France

So The Roadtrippers has put together a guide with onions! In Vanlife in France, you will find:

And lots of others but we don’t tell you too much!

The first three draws have already been exhausted, the last draw is underway but there are not many left!

15 February 2021