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Holidays or weekends are fast approaching and it’s time to pack your bag… Who never stood in front of his closet and said to himself, “I don’t know what clothes to bring!“? We know that you have already asked yourself at least once this question when you were prepare your belongings to go on a road trip! And what could be more annoying than being on vacation and regretting your sartorial choices? Fortunately, this situation should not happen again! In this article we explain how to dress up on a road trip and what clothes to take on a trip!

When starting in a fully equipped van, it is better to plan the lightest and least bulky possible given the small space and limited storage. If you’re going to the mountains or a place where temperatures can change abruptly, it’s hard to know how to dress when you go from 35 degrees Celsius during the day to 2 degrees Celsius at night. Some things to keep in mind: choose only clothes that don’t need to be ironed,that can wash/dry quickly and that fit easily with each other.

We advise you to adopt the famous onion technique by layering 3 layers of clothing:

The tops to take in your bag:

Pants for travel:

For shoes:

If you plan to walk, hike, you are strongly encouraged to take walking shoes. Or for want of shoes in which you are comfortable. Taking your brand new shoes is certainly not the best idea, you may have a sore feet and blisters… You can also take a pair of flip flops very convenient when you want to take a shower for example, if you stop in places a little doubtful to go to the toilet or to live aboard the van (kitchen …)

Underwear sous-vĂȘtements

This is the first layer that is in contact with our body. It is therefore essential to have breathable undersides. Again, avoid cotton that will hold back your perspiration, and opt for merino wool, for example.

For socks,same deal, take thicker and thinner socks depending on the weather. If it’s cold, wool socks are also recommended to keep your feet warm.

Finally, don’t forget your sunglasses (which can be very practical while driving), a hat or cap to protect you during hikes and a scarf/pareo that can serve as an improvised pillow, or cover your shoulders for visits.

Ideas of signs where you can equip yourself: Decathlon, Uniqlo, Columbia, Le Vieux Camper, Outlier, Seagale… or any other store specializing in camping/outdoor activities.

Recap of the clothes to take on a road trip:

Now you have all the cards in hand to become a seasoned bully and choose the right clothes to go on a road trip!

Good luck in preparing your clothes to travel and see you very soon on the roads in a converted van!

10 December 2020