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In front of your computer you are looking for a holiday that will please everyone. As a family? The little ones have to take a nap, the teens have to do sports activities (from surfing to random!), the parents have to make visits and above all enjoy it! With friends? As a couple? It takes everyone to find their own way and be satisfied with the planned trip!

An apartment is good, but it’s really an ordinary holiday. What if it rains? We’re going to be locked up all week. A club? Yes, there are activities, but once we go 3 times to the night market in Francheville-les-bains, we will go in circles… A cruise! Oh, yes! Now we’re going to find out a lot of things! And there are a few activities on the boat… But it’s overpriced! And we’re going to be with pensioners who “type” the cards… So what’s a vacation? A Road-trip in van simply arranged!!

But what is a Road trip? It’s a holiday on the road. But we don’t just ride, we move from one point of interest to another, depending on the weather, things to visit, sports activities… A complete holiday under the sign of discovery and adventure. I promise, everyone’s going to love it. So what do you need as a vehicle for this type of holiday? My personal car? Too small… A motorhome? It’s a bit big anyway …

Looking for an alternative to motorhome, you are looking for a more manageable, more economical and more COOL vehicle than a motorhome for rent for your holidays?

Blacksheep-van is here for you! Find our products that will open the doors to a different world or holidays and holidays rhyme with Liberty. Finally a real holiday “where I want, when I want” where you are alone.

Find soon our rental offers of campervan that make the difference on Blacksheep Van , the van rental site developed all over France!

15 February 2021